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Discover vulnerabilities and enhance your system's resilience against attacks. Devox’s comprehensive blockchain security audits will provide a detailed risk assessment, immediate mitigation strategies, and long-term security planning tailored to your needs.

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When Do I Need Blockchain Security Audit?

When Do I Need Blockchain Security Audit?

Conducting a blockchain security analysis is a mandatory measurement rather than a recommendation - particularly in a number of cases. When do you have to absolutely take on it?

  • Before Launching a New Blockchain Application or Smart Contract

    Before deploying any blockchain application or smart contract to the public or production environment, the pre-launch audit helps discover and rectify any security vulnerabilities, logic errors, or compliance issues, ensuring the application operates as intended and is secure against attacks.

  • After Significant Updates or Code Changes

    Updates might fix certain issues but can also introduce new vulnerabilities. Auditing after updates ensures significant updates or modifications made to existing blockchain code do not compromise the system’s security.

  • Following the Discovery of New Vulnerabilities or Threats

    When new security threats or vulnerabilities are identified in the blockchain ecosystem — such as those found in similar smart contracts or platforms — a security audit is a necessary measure to ensure they don’t affect your application.

  • Regular Compliance Checks

    In industries where regulatory compliance is mandatory (like finance or healthcare), regular security audits are mandatory to ensure ongoing compliance with legal standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, or specific financial regulations. This helps avoid legal penalties and maintains user trust.

  • Post-Security Breach

    If a security breach occurs, conducting a thorough audit lets to understand how the breach happened, assess the extent of the damage, and implement strengthened security measures to prevent future incidents.

  • Pre-ICO or Token Sales

    Before launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or token sale, a blockchain security audit is essential to ensure that the smart contracts governing the issuance, management, and sale of tokens are secure. This not only protects investors but also enhances the credibility and attractiveness of the offering.

  • Investor Assurance

    To secure funding from investors, especially in a new blockchain venture, conducting an audit can demonstrate the project’s commitment to security and its operational viability, which can be crucial for investor confidence and support.

  • Partnership and Integration Checks

    Before integrating with other platforms or entering into partnerships that involve shared blockchain operations, an audit can ensure that the integration points are secure and that partners’ protocols do not introduce vulnerabilities.

Our Services

Our Blockchain Security Audit Services

Devox as a blockchain security company can write a clean bill of health to your blockchain or take it there with a range of our services and expertise.

  • Smart Contract Audits

    The most common type of blockchain security audit service focuses on analyzing the code of smart contracts to detect vulnerabilities, errors, and potential security breaches. The Devox team provides both static analysis (reviewing the code without executing it) and dynamic analysis (testing the code by executing it).

  • Security Consulting

    We provide guidance on architecture and design to ensure the blockchain setup is secure from the ground up. Our team will review consensus mechanisms, node configuration, and key management strategies.

  • Penetration Testing

    Conducting pen testing, the Devox team will simulate attacks on the blockchain network to identify weaknesses in both the blockchain itself and its infrastructure, including nodes and wallets. As a result, you will get an understanding how an attacker could gain unauthorized access or disrupt the system.

  • Code Review and Quality Assurance

    Beyond just security, our team makes sure the code is clean, efficient, and maintainable. Code reviews and QA processes check for best practices in coding and can often catch potential security issues before they become problems.

  • Compliance Audits

    Checking that the blockchain application complies with regulatory requirements specific to the industry or region in which it operates. This includes data protection standards, financial regulations, and any other relevant legal frameworks.

  • Network and Infrastructure Security

    Devox assesses the underlying infrastructure supporting the blockchain. This check includes the security of the physical and virtual servers, databases, and cloud environments that store blockchain data.

  • Incident Response

    We are mapping the planning and support services to help in the event of a security breach, including how to mitigate damage, analyze how the breach occurred, and prevent future incidents.


Benefits of Blockchain Security Audit

Security benefits of blockchain go beyond the evident user and funds safety. Having a healthy system, you will harvest:


Fort Knox Security Level

Eliminate any risk of hacks, fraud, or unauthorized access on an architecture level. Audits help identify and fix vulnerabilities in the blockchain network, smart contracts, and related applications before they can be exploited by malicious actors. Besides, audits provide a detailed assessment of potential risks and their impacts, allowing your company to develop effective strategies to mitigate these risks proactively.


Maintain Impeccable Reputation

In the long run, the promise of safety turns to a category of trust and credibility: ensuring the security of blockchain operations, you will work toward user retention, as well as investors and regulators respect. This trust is crucial for widespread adoption and can enhance the reputation of the blockchain platform.


Boost the System’s Immunity

Have your system optimized and functional at all times, being sure it operates efficiently and without the overhead of unnecessary vulnerabilities. Regular security audits help maintain the integrity of the blockchain over time, acting as a regular doctor checkup and keeping it robust against evolving security threats and technological changes.


Comply with What You Need, Easily

Many industries have stringent regulatory requirements concerning data security and privacy. Blockchain security audits ensure compliance with these regulations, helping avoid legal penalties and operational disruptions.

Our Process

Our Blockchain Security Audit Process


01. Planning and Scope Definition

The process begins with defining the scope of the audit. Based on your requirements, we identify which components of the blockchain system will be examined, such as smart contracts, the blockchain network, and associated applications. We are setting clear objectives and deliverables for the audit, appointing the responsible project manager and a tech team.


02. Information Gathering

Our auditors collect all necessary information about your blockchain system. This includes documentation, codebase, architecture diagrams, and access to tools and environments. Our goal here is to understand how the system operates and what are its dependencies, which is necessary for a comprehensive audit.


03. Security Assessment

We first perform static analysis: our auditors perform static analysis of the smart contract code and other relevant software components to check for common vulnerabilities and coding flaws without executing the code. Then, we conduct dynamic analysis, interacting with the contracts and the blockchain network in a test environment to observe how the system behaves under various conditions and to detect runtime errors and vulnerabilities.


04. Manual Review and Testing

Besides automated tools, Devox’s security professionals manually review the code and conduct tests to explore security issues that automated tools might miss. We will be looking for logic errors and examining how the contracts interact with each other and the blockchain.


05. Penetration Testing

This simulates real-world attack scenarios on the blockchain system to identify potential vulnerabilities from an attacker's perspective. Pen tests can be conducted on both the network level and the application level.


06. Issue Analysis and Reporting

After the testing phase, Devox auditors analyze the findings, prioritizing them based on their severity and impact on the system. A detailed audit report is then prepared, which includes all identified vulnerabilities, an assessment of the system's overall security posture, and recommendations for mitigating the risks.


07. Remediation and Re-audit

Once the audit report is delivered, our blockchain developers and engineers work on fixing the vulnerabilities based on the auditors' recommendations. Having addressed the issues, we can conduct re-audit or verification step at your request to ensure all major risks have been mitigated effectively.


08. Final Reporting

We are rolling out a final report that outlines the security state after the remediations have been made. This report provides a final overview of the blockchain's security status and may include additional recommendations for ongoing security practices.

  • 01. Planning and Scope Definition

  • 02. Information Gathering

  • 03. Security Assessment

  • 04. Manual Review and Testing

  • 05. Penetration Testing

  • 06. Issue Analysis and Reporting

  • 07. Remediation and Re-audit

  • 08. Final Reporting

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Case Studies

Our Latest Works

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Our client is a blockchain technology firm that has a network of international financial service provider partners. The project is a white-label PaaS ecosystem for neo banking solutions based on the blockchain network.

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Core Tech:
  • .NET 6
  • MS SQL
  • Redis
  • Angular
  • NgRx
  • RxJS
  • Kubernetes
  • Elasticsearch

United Kingdom United Kingdom

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Social Media Screening Platform

The project is a web-based AI-powered platform for comprehensive social media background screening. Its supertask is to streamline potential employee background checks for companies, tackling employment risk management.

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Core Tech:
  • .NET Core
  • Angular
  • Azure
  • Docker
  • GitLab CI/CD
  • Selenium Web Driver





The solutions they’re providing is helping our business run more smoothly. We’ve been able to make quick developments with them, meeting our product vision within the timeline we set up. Listen to them because they can give strong advice about how to build good products.

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We are a software startup and using Devox allowed us to get an MVP to market faster and less cost than trying to build and fund an R&D team initially. Communication was excellent with Devox. This is a top notch firm.

Darrin Lipscomb
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Daniel Bertuccio

Their level of understanding, detail, and work ethic was great. We had 2 designers, 2 developers, PM and QA specialist. I am extremely satisfied with the end deliverables. Devox Software was always on time during the process.

Daniel Bertuccio
Marketing Manager at Eurolinx

We get great satisfaction working with them. They help us produce a product we’re happy with as co-founders. The feedback we got from customers was really great, too. Customers get what we do and we feel like we’re really reaching our target market.

Trent Allan
CTO, Co-founder at Active Place
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I’m blown up with the level of professionalism that’s been shown, as well as the welcoming nature and the social aspects. Devox Software is really on the ball technically.

Andy Morrey
Managing Director at Magma Trading
Vadim Ivanenko

Great job! We met the deadlines and brought happiness to our customers. Communication was perfect. Quick response. No problems with anything during the project. Their experienced team and perfect communication offer the best mix of quality and rates.

Vadim Ivanenko
United States

The project continues to be a success. As an early-stage company, we're continuously iterating to find product success. Devox has been quick and effective at iterating alongside us. I'm happy with the team, their responsiveness, and their output.

Jason Leffakis
Founder, CEO at Function4

We hired the Devox team for a complicated (unusual interaction) UX/UI assignment. The team managed the project well both for initial time estimates and also weekly follow-ups throughout delivery. Overall, efficient work with a nice professional team.

John Boman
Product Manager at Lexplore
Tomas Pataky

Their intuition about the product and their willingness to try new approaches and show them to our team as alternatives to our set course were impressive. The Devox team makes it incredibly easy to work with, and their ability to manage our team and set expectations was outstanding.

Tamas Pataky
Head of Product at Stromcore
Stan Sadokov

Devox is a team of exepctional talent and responsible executives. All of the talent we outstaffed from the company were experts in their fields and delivered quality work. They also take full ownership to what they deliver to you. If you work with Devox you will get actual results and you can rest assured that the result will procude value.

Stan Sadokov
Product Lead at Multilogin
United Kingdom

The work that the team has done on our project has been nothing short of incredible – it has surpassed all expectations I had and really is something I could only have dreamt of finding. Team is hard working, dedicated, personable and passionate. I have worked with people literally all over the world both in business and as freelancer, and people from Devox Software are 1 in a million.

Mark Lamb
Technical Director at M3 Network Limited


  • Why is blockchain security important?

    Blockchain security is crucial to protect sensitive data, prevent financial losses, and maintain the trust of your users. As blockchain projects handle valuable assets and sensitive information, they are prime targets for hackers and malicious actors.

  • What are the most common blockchain vulnerabilities?

    Common blockchain vulnerabilities include smart contract bugs, consensus mechanism flaws, 51% attacks, and blockchain network vulnerabilities. Our audit services are designed to identify and address these and other potential security issues.

  • How often should I conduct a blockchain security audit?

    We recommend conducting a blockchain security audit before launching your project, after significant updates or changes, and on a regular basis to ensure ongoing security. The frequency of audits depends on the complexity and risk profile of your project.

  • How long does a blockchain security audit take?

    The duration of a blockchain security audit depends on the size and complexity of your project. Typically, audits can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. We work efficiently to deliver thorough results within your project timeline.

  • What happens if you find a vulnerability during the audit?

    If we identify vulnerabilities during the audit, we provide detailed reports on their severity and potential impact. We also offer clear, actionable recommendations for remediation. After you address the issues, we retest to validate the effectiveness of the applied security measures.

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