Web 3 White-label PaaS NeoBank

  • Web3
  • Fintech
  • USA
  • 2022

Our client is a blockchain technology firm that has a network of international financial service provider partners. The project is a white-label PaaS ecosystem for neo banking solutions based on the blockchain network.

Web 3 White-label PaaS NeoBank

About the client

Our client is transforming the market with their unique and cutting-edge core banking and processing solutions for embedded finance. These innovations offer seamless integration and fast-track go-to-market strategies for our clients.


At the time of our acquaintance, the client was an an early startup stage with a lack of internal capacities and tight production deadlines. Hence, we united Devox’s technical expertise and the client’s in-house efforts to speed up production, working alongside each other.


We developed a product as a platform-as-a-service application, meaning that it provides a platform and environment for developers to build, deploy, and manage financial services and applications. It consists of 3 main components, each of which is a self-sufficient software-as-a-service.


The first idea client had in mind was a neobank as a white-label SaaS system for building a banking application. We helped design such an application with the server side built on the custom blockchain, uniting AI and smart contracts. It enables banks to build mobile apps under their brand from scratch, making use of already existing processes and design frameworks. The solution’s value lies in offering 3rd party licenses, permissions, certifications, and modular microservices for legitimate use.

A white-label digital banking application for Web, iOS, and Android supports IBAN/ACH account issuance, SEPA and SWIFT transfers, branded prepaid card issuance, mobile payments, and KYC/AML compliance, among other features.

Support of various internal and domestic payments and payment systems 

  • Sending and requesting payments from friends or contacts in one click.
  • Any-Card-to-Any-Card transfers: send money from your card to any other card by just pasting the card number.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay payments integration available.
  • Digital receipts: view your transactions and spendings right in your card history.

Card & Account Issuance

Send, request and load your banking information easily right from the app.  

Multicurrency ACH bank account. Create a multicurrency account and exchange currency within the app.

Virtual and plastic multicurrency debit card. Hold your money in various currencies in several crds at once.

Domestic and international transfers. Send money within your country or with IBAN credentials.


DataVault Storage is a secure blockchain-based environment developed for storing sensitive data and digital assets. We developed this product primarily to cover the needs of big enterprises, banks, governments, fintech solutions and Fortune 500 enterprises. Its key value lies in helping communicate and manage sensitive data and digital assets in a permission-based, fraudless, and unhackable environment.

The DataVault Storage SaaS serves as a private blockchain operating system (OS) designed for enterprises, offering an exceptionally secure environment for data management. It is built upon patented Multi-decentralization technology, delivering military-grade security and mitigating data loss risks for organizations. We made the solution fully GDPR-compliant so that it only gives out KYC-based permissions to users. It involves cloud and on-premise storage, software development kit and API, and network management tools.


Regtech is a platform for user verification and full-scale know-your-client procedure. It helps businesses conduct the KYC procedure effortlessly by automating processes and incorporating a range of convenient features.

Mobile and web KYC onboarding

We thought out the KYC process both for the business and the user side from web and mobile perspectives. Our objective was to enable the end user to pass the procedure in the most fast and convenient way possible without sacrificing any regulatory compliance.

Batch processing

This software empowers the capability to conduct batch checks, verifying the identities of millions of users within minutes. It accomplishes this through both manual and automated scheduled AML/global watchlist checks, which can be performed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Global watchlist screening

We incorporated the tools to provide global watchlist screening. This feature helps fintechs, banks, and large enterprises achieve regulatory compliance.

Transaction monitoring

The transaction monitoring module serves as an exceptional tool for continuous AML compliance, detecting suspicious activities, and preventing fraud. It offers a predefined library of transaction monitoring rules, which can be easily tailored to suit specific needs, enabling businesses to automate operations and reduce administrative expenses. 

KYB onboarding

The “Know Your Business” module enables businesses to conduct immediate enhanced due diligence and complete online onboarding of corporate clients while maintaining full regulatory compliance.

Dynamic biometrics

The Dynamic Biometrics module empowers users to utilize biometric data, including facial (both video and photo) and voice recognition, for purposes such as verification, authentication, and compliance with PSD2 regulations within the mobile banking platform.

Credit risk scoring

An automated credit risk scoring tool designed for banks and fintech companies, leveraging machine learning and customizable mobile and web interfaces, enables businesses to remotely assess and make loan decisions for clients.

RFID chip

Mobile verification of biometric passports and RFID chips using a phone’s NFC scanner empowers businesses to combat identity fraud, improve security and user experience, and attain regulatory compliance.


The Devox team helped our client launch a range of their products and obtain necessary funding by getting a round of investments. 

Challenges-wise, we:

  • United a straightforward UX and complications of regulatory compliance;
  • Automated a range of technically complicated or previously manual procedures;
  • Rethought automation in the realm of legislation & compliance.

In Neobank, we took care of integrating the necessary white-label banking features essential for the modern user: it incorporates quick money transfers (both card-to-card and international/domestic), digital receipts, Google Pay and Apple Pay payments, et cetera. We also resolved an issue of KYC/AML compliance.

In DataVault, we organized the entire solution in a GDPR-compliant way: it included working with cloud and on-premise storage, software development kit and API, network management tools, and KYC-based permissions.

In RegTech, we thought out both mobile and web KYC onboarding procedures, made it compliant with AML / CTF policies, and included features like dynamic biometrics, transaction monitoring, and KYB onboarding.

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