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Leverage database development services with Devox Software. Streamline data management on your product’s back-end, maintain its consistency with less operational efforts, and enhance decision-making capabilities with our professionals’ expertise.

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Database Development Services We Provide

Database Consulting

Providing expert guidance on database technology selection, architecture, and best practices to align with your long-term business goals. Let us access your current tech stack and tell you whether you need migration, new architecture, or entirely new system to meet your business goals.

Operational Databases

Operational database stores and manages your ongoing operations. It includes data such as client’s profiles, storage units, personal information and any other hard data that your business operates with. It preserves, collects and gives out data in real-time, tracking the access information as well.

Analytical Databases

An analytical database helps make strategic decisions based on your business’ activities during a certain period of time. Its algorithms help structure the operational information in a way to aggregate it and divide it into clear category-related reports concerning various dimensions like clients’ age, location, preferences, budget, et cetera.

Data Warehouse Software Solutions

We will create centralized data repositories for analytical purposes, facilitating complex data analysis and reporting. We include core and additional features such as analytical tools, data enrichment, and others. From an analytical point of view, we’re offering an end-to-end process from data sources and raw data to data marts.

Database Optimization

Ensuring your database can handle increasing data loads and optimizing its performance to deliver results quickly. You will have the response time of your current solution reduced thanks to indexing, query optimization, and resource allocation we’ll conduct.

Database Migration

Transferring data from one system to another, whether you’re upgrading, transitioning to a new platform, or just consolidating data. Our engineers will extract data from the source database, transform it to match the format of the target database, and load it into the destination system while ensuring data integrity and consistency.

Database Testing

We can evaluate and validate the functionality, performance, security, and integrity of your existing database system. It involves running test cases, queries, and scripts to ensure that data is accurately stored, retrieved, and manipulated, and that the database meets the specified requirements and quality standards.

Data Mining

Extracting valuable patterns, trends, and insights from large datasets using various techniques such as statistical analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Discover hidden knowledge within your data - all to make informed decisions, detect anomalies, and predict future outcomes.

Benefits of Database Development by Devox


Don’t miss a thing

Track every single nuance and piece of information with an operational database: give or take away access, record transactions and changes, and have your entire set of operations under control. Get access to perfectly organized and sorted real-time and historical data, avoiding redundancy and high maintenance costs.


Make better business decisions

A proper analytical database will help you make better conclusions from your recent business processes, giving you an idea of your best vector. The systematized information will empower decision-making, be it everyday tasks or more comprehensive business-related issues.


Automate workflow

Custom database development can automate repetitive tasks and workflows, reducing manual effort and eliminating human factor. Get your perfectly systematized data done by a machine, either resolving a problem of delegating a task or allocating your talent’s time to more sensible assignments.

Databases We Work With

Relational databases
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Database
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • IBM Db2
NoSQL databases
  • Apache Cassandra
  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB
  • CouchBase
Cloud databases
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Amazon Relational Database Service
  • Oracle Autonomous Database
Columnar databases
  • Google BigQuery
  • Cassandra
  • HBase
  • MariaDB
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Wide column databases
  • BigTable
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Scylla
Object-oriented databases
  • Wakanda
  • ObjectStore
Key-value databases
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Redis
Hierarchical databases
  • IBM Information Management System (IMS)
  • Windows Registry
Document databases
  • MongoDB
  • Amazon DocumentDB
  • Apache CouchDB
Graph databases
  • Datastax Enterprise Graph
  • Neo4J
Time series databases
  • Druid
  • eXtremeDB
  • InfluxDB

Our Database Development Process

Requirements Gathering

Requirements Gathering

Based on your requirements, we define the database’s purpose and objectives. We’re picking proper data types, volumes, and access requirements, identifying user roles and permissions on the way.

Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

We’re beginning the technical part: creating a high-level conceptual model of the database using entity-relationship diagrams (ERDs) or similar tools. During the process, we define the major entities, their attributes, and the relationships between them. All the way through, we ensure that the conceptual design aligns with your business goals.



Analyzing existing data to eliminate data redundancy and ensure data integrity to eventually apply normalization techniques. As a result, we break down data into organized tables with minimal duplication to achieve the desired level of normalization (typically up to 3rd normal form).

Data Modeling

Data Modeling

Translating the conceptual design into a logical data model. Creating detailed entity-relationship diagrams, showing tables, primary keys, foreign keys, and relationships. Determining data types, constraints, and indexing requirements.

Schema Design

Schema Design

Based on the logical data model, we create the physical database’s schema. After picking the database platform (e.g., SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL), we define table structures, columns, data types, and indexes.



We’re writing SQL scripts or using a database management tool to create the database schema. Developing stored procedures, triggers, and functions as needed. Implementing security measures, including user roles and permissions.

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Importing or inputting initial data into the database and handling data migration from existing systems, if it was your initial requirement. Ensuring data quality and accuracy during the population process.

Testing and Optimization

Testing and Optimization

Performing thorough testing to verify the functionality and performance of the database by testing data retrieval, insertion, updating, and deletion operations. We also conduct stress testing to assess scalability and load handling. Identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks through indexing, query optimization, and tuning. Optimizing data storage and access patterns to ensure efficiency.



After all the development has been done, we’re creating comprehensive documentation, including data dictionaries, schema diagrams, and user guides so the database can be used by your employees in the future. Documenting database design decisions and data relationships.



Finally, we deploy the database to production servers or cloud platforms. Monitoring the deployment process to minimize downtime and disruptions.

Monitoring and Optimization

Monitoring and Optimization

Even after completion, we offer ongoing support and maintenance to address issues, apply updates, and make necessary enhancements. We stay in touch to make updates and improvements based on evolving business needs.

Our Case Studies


Event Management Platform, USA

Function4 is a USA-based professional event ecosystem that offers a simple, user-friendly discovery venue for the financial services sector. The enterprise event management software features a single, real-time dashboard with zero setup for event attendees, hosts, and sponsors. Function4 also provides discovery, data, and tools to help the right people discover the right events.

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Wellness social network and media platform with a marketplace feature, Australia

ActivePlace is a social platform dedicated to health, fitness, and an active lifestyle. It is a three-sided network that connects people with like-minded individuals, mentors, and businesses – all related to physical activity and healthy living. The company approached the development team to create a wellness app that would cater to different categories of users and provide personalized functionality to each member group. The main goal was to build a unique project from scratch that combined social media and marketplace features.

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Multifunctional showroom assistant for world known kitchen appliances manufacturer, Australia.

ILVE is a global manufacturer of gas and electric household cooking appliances with a reach across 40 countries worldwide. Since 1975, the company has been known as a niche brand specializing in developing an extensive range of built-in ovens and cookers for both commercial and domestic use. ILVE was looking to create a showroom assistant to increase the level of sales and make it smooth for the end client. Besides the end client-facing part, a variety of managerial dashboards were created to allow sales consultants and business managers to execute their functions and have everything controlled in one place.

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Testimonials Client

Carl-Fredrik Linné Tech Lead at CURE Media

The solutions they’re providing is helping our business run more smoothly. We’ve been able to make quick developments with them, meeting our product vision within the timeline we set up. 

Listen to them because they can give strong advice about how to build good products.
Darrin Lipscomb CEO, Founder at Ferretly

We are a software startup and using Devox allowed us to get an MVP to market faster and less cost than trying to build and fund an R&D team initially. Communication was excellent with Devox. This is a top notch firm.
Daniel Bertuccio Marketing Manager at Eurolinx

Their level of understanding, detail, and work ethic was great. We had 2 designers, 2 developers, PM and QA specialist. I am extremely satisfied with the end deliverables. Devox Software was always on time during the process.
Trent Allan CTO, Co-founder at Active Place

We get great satisfaction working with them. They help us produce a product we’re happy with as co-founders. The feedback we got from customers was really great, too. Customers get what we do and we feel like we’re really reaching our target market.
Andy Morrey Managing Director at Magma Trading

I’m blown up with the level of professionalism that’s been shown, as well as the welcoming nature and the social aspects.

Devox Software is really on the ball technically.

Vadim Ivanenko COO at Optherium

Great job! We met the deadlines and brought happiness to our customers. Communication was perfect. Quick response. No problems with anything during the project. Their experienced team and perfect communication offer the best mix of quality and rates.
Jason Leffakis Founder, CEO at Function4

The project continues to be a success. As an early-stage company, we're continuously iterating to find product success. Devox has been quick and effective at iterating alongside us. I'm happy with the team, their responsiveness, and their output.
John Boman Product Manager at Lexplore

We hired the Devox team for a complicated (unusual interaction) UX/UI assignment. The team managed the project well both for initial time estimates and also weekly follow-ups throughout delivery. Overall, efficient work with a nice professional team.
Tamas Pataky Head of Product at Stromcore

Their intuition about the product and their willingness to try new approaches and show them to our team as alternatives to our set course were impressive. The Devox team makes it incredibly easy to work with, and their ability to manage our team and set expectations was outstanding.
Stan Sadokov Product Lead at Multilogin

Devox is a team of exepctional talent and responsible executives. All of the talent we outstaffed from the company were experts in their fields and delivered quality work. They also take full ownership to what they deliver to you. If you work with Devox you will get actual results and you can rest assured that the result will procude value.
Mark Lamb Technical Director at M3 Network Limited

The work that the team has done on our project has been nothing short of incredible – it has surpassed all expectations I had and really is something I could only have dreamt of finding. Team is hard working, dedicated, personable and passionate.

I have worked with people literally all over the world both in business and as freelancer, and people from Devox Software are 1 in a million.
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What is the most popular database?

Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Service, and MongoDB are among the leading databases. Despite the presence of some of the greatest software leaders, a number of other free and open-source databases, like PostgreSQL and Apache Cassandra, also remain popular in the market.

What are the six phases in the database development life cycle?

The Database Life Cycle includes six stages. These are database initial study, database design, implementation and loading, testing, operation, as well as maintenance and evolution.

What are the different levels of database schema?

Database systems consist of complex data structures. There are three tiers of database schemas in database architecture. These are the conceptual level (the database structure as seen by the user), the physical level (the actual storage structure), and the external level (which presents the pertinent database material to the users).

Is database development the same thing as Data as a Service (DaaS)?

No, database development and Data as a Service (DaaS) are not the same things, although they are related concepts in the realm of data management and utilization.

Database development is focused on creating and maintaining the database itself, while DaaS is a higher-level concept that involves providing data to users or applications as a service, often leveraging databases that have been developed and managed separately. DaaS can use databases developed in-house or third-party databases, making data more accessible and usable for various purposes. As a database development company, Devox provides the first service as we work with your product’s data.

Why should my startup put an emphasis on database development?

Emphasizing database building services for your startup is essential because it enables data-driven decision-making, scalability, operational efficiency, and data security, providing a competitive edge, improving customer insights, and ensuring long-term viability. It forms the foundation for efficient data management, personalization, and compliance, ultimately contributing to your startup’s success and growth.

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