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BPO Models

Front Office BPO

It's convenient to hire front office in Ukraine too. These business process services include customer support, sales, and marketing. You can easily adjust the remote front office to your business: hire any number of specialists for as long as you need.

Back Office BPO

Our company is a BPO provider that can set up a back office for you in Ukraine. This outsourcing destination can boast of a large talent pool and reasonable rates, so you can find the needed candidates faster and at a lower cost. Data entry, researchers, accountants, and financial experts can be hired in just 2-4 weeks.

Our BPO Services

Marketing & Sales

Get skilled SMM, SEO specialists, business development managers.



We have a team of tech recruiters who will search for the needed talents.


Customer Support

Together we will take care of your clients and boost your customer satisfaction.



Hire Ukrainian accountants and financial managers for BPO services.



Delegate research-related tasks to our back office specialists.


Service Desk

Don’t limit yourself to one location and outsource technical support to Ukraine.


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Pricing Models

Time & Material

  • Time-consuming tasks
  • Unclear cost
  • Direct project administration
  • Undefined work scope

Fixed Price

  • Temporary job
  • Limited budget
  • Specific workload
  • Strict timelines

Monthly Salary + Fee

  • Short and long-term projects
  • No precise budget
  • Management with no mediators
  • 8-hour shift

Our BPO Services Benefits

Office Premises

If you start BPO in Ukraine with Devox Software, you don't need to worry about the company facilities. We secure a convenient workplace arrangement so neither you need to buy nor rent any office.


Your remote back and front office team will be provided with all the needed generic equipment. Thus, you will cut operational expenditures, especially if your task is temporary.

Custom Hiring

Don’t feel like outsourcing? Set up your remote team then. We will find and hire personal assistants, marketers and salespersons, accountants and talent managers, etc.

Talent Management

Besides searching, prescreening and hiring, we will take care of your staff morale. Our in-house HR department checks employee satisfaction and loyalty so you are protected from staff turnover.


Rely on local accountants: they will calculate and pay wages to your remote employees. Taxing services are covered too, so you don’t need to dive into peculiarities of Ukrainian taxes.

Full/part-time engagement

Our BPO services are available in different engagement models. Need assistance for half of the day or a full-time dedicated business process support? We will find a solution for your business exclusively.

What will you get by outsourcing BP in Ukraine?

Significant cost reduction
Access to experienced professionals
High English proficiency
Delegation of non-core functions
Excellent talent choice
Shorter time-to-fill vacancy
Flexible engagement time
Multiple cooperation models


What is business process outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a process of contracting some business-related tasks (customer support, service desk, accounting, etc.) to third parties in order to focus on core responsibilities and reduce operational costs.

What are the benefits of BPO?

1) Fast hiring process;
2) Staff is hired according to your job description;
3) Full-time/part-time engagement;
4) Cost reduction;
5) Easy to scale up;
6) Office facilities and equipment.

What are your BPO services?

Devox Software provides a wide range of BPO services. These are:
1) Accounting;
2) Customer support;
3) Service desk;
4) Marketing;
5) Sales;
6) Sourcing;
7) Research.

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