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Our DevOps Services


Get rid of routine tasks that take lots of time and decrease the workload on your developers.


Cloud Integration

Optimize your business process due to improved work pace and efficiency with cloud integration.



Implement frequent changes after development with continuous integration and continuous delivery.



With DevOps approach, you can test your application on each stage and get better quality in the end.


Release Preparation

Our experienced engineers will check your app and prepare it for a flawless release.


Steady Maintenance

24/7 support of your software - if something goes wrong, get it fixed immediately.


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Cooperation Models

Outsource DevOps Services

We have a ready pool of engineers who can start immediately or in 2-4 weeks in case of custom recruiting.

Such consulting includes not only technical but also administrative part – office and project management.

Hire DevOps Engineer

Need a full-time offshore team or just one engineer? We can hire both for you.

If you choose a dedicated team model, your remote employees will work on your project only 8 hours a day and 5 days a week.

Fixed Price Model

Got a project with a clear work scope? Then, you can consider a fixed price for consulting services.

Besides the completed task, the cost will include all overheads, so you won’t bother with managerial stuff.

What values does DevOps Outsourcing bring?

Use Qualified Services

We provide top-notch service to our customers due to a thorough selection process. Our teams consist of skilled professionals with wide experience so you can rely on them and rest assured that everything goes well.

Reduce Operational Cost

DevOps is designed to improve the software development process. It becomes faster and more reliable, thus you don’t need to spend a fortune on coding and testing. In addition, Ukrainian software engineers charge fair rates, so you will be able to save up to 60% of your corporate expense.

Adjust Our Service to your business

We offer exclusively flexible hiring models for your convenience. If you have a small task, you can outsource it on a fixed price or time and material basis. For long-term implementation and support, a dedicated team is recommended.

Enjoy Administrative Support

With DevOps consulting service with Devox Software, you get full administrative support from us. It means that you don’t need to look for an office in Ukraine and sign an extra lease agreement, furnish, equip and maintain it. We will do it all for you as well as provide your remote programmers with the necessary PM and HR assistance.

Scale Up Team Hassle-Free

Our flexible business models allow hiring any number of software developers. You can get a part-time expert or a whole team who will deal with your project solely. And vice versa, scale down your team when the peak period is over.

Get Started ASAP

Our service is a good fit for urgent projects since we can provide you with the needed resources right after signing a contract. If you need a custom-hired team, we will arrange interviews within only 1-2 weeks.

DevOps vs Agile: What to Choose?


  • Good both for small and big teams
  • Automates routine work
  • Long-term planning
  • Separate teams for development and operations
  • Focuses on speed and reliability
  • Fewer meetings, more documentation


  • Good for small teams
  • No automation required
  • Short-term plans (sprints)
  • Team members can substitute each other
  • Focuses on speed
  • More meetings, less documentation

Why Outsource DevOps?

Cut time to market
Flexible working environment
Efficient engagement
Stable infrastructure
Security management
Fruitful collaboration between software developers


Which DevOps services do you provide?

1) CI/CD;
2) Could Integration;
3) Automation;
4) Testing;
5) Release Preparation;
6) Steady Maintenance.

What are DevOps benefits?

1) Save cost for infrastructure;
2) Faster deployment and development;
3) Reduce the human factor;
4) Easy to manage;
5) Stable environment;
6) Security management.

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