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Which Type of Dedicated Team Is the Best Fit For Your Project?

Dedicated Team Extension

Want to add a few developers to an existing in-house team? Our company can help you with this task. You can hire any number of programmers starting from one, who will integrate into your IT department. They will be your full-time employees who work on your project from our office: management is on you while the office and HR are on us.

Standalone Dedicated Team

Devox Software can build a dedicated development team from scratch. All you need to do is to share your requirements with us - tech stack, seniority level, and size. On average, it takes 3-4 weeks to hire a programmer, which is faster than in the US and the majority of European countries. We undertake hiring, employment, and payroll for you to be able to focus on your project only.

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Our Process

Assemble Dedicated Team in 5 Easy Steps

Send your requirements

The more details you share with us, the faster you will get your dedicated programmers. Send us the number of developers, their tech stack and seniority level or contact us to schedule a call and discuss the details of your project.

Check prescreened resumes

We will select candidates according to your requirements. You will get relevant CVs of software developers or other needed team members. Also, if you want, you will be able to interview them in person via video call or in our office.

Merge remote and in-house teams

After we hire a dedicated coders exclusively for your project, you need to onboard them. Introduce remote team members to your in-house workers, explain corporate policy, give them access to your internal systems.

Manage software developers

There is no mediator between you and your dedicated developers - you manage them directly. We do not interfere with your project, just monitor their performance and provide them with the necessary working conditions.

Enjoy hassle-free development

Dive into the development process while we take care of the rest. Devox Software provides your team with all the necessary equipment, office facilities, and perks. Recruiting, accounting, employment, and payroll are on us too.

Our Benefits

Access to Talent

If your country is facing a talent shortage, the dedicated development team is a perfect solution for you. Currently, there are 184K+ software developers in Ukraine, which means you can easily hire a dedicated programmer or augment your team without spending months on recruiting. Variety of tech stacks, all seniority levels, English proficiency, and technical education - with Devox Software you will get your dream team.

Quick Start

A long time to hire is a widespread issue that our clients face locally. Both enterprise and startups tend to conduct a few rounds of interviews which might lead to increased waiting time up to 3 months and сandidate loss as a result. If you choose to hire a dedicated development team in Ukraine, you will avoid these problems. You will get a ready well-knit team that can start your project immediately.

Simple Scalability

This model offers you extra flexibility. Want to hire one dedicated developer? That’s an easy bit. Feel the need for a few more developers in the course of work? No problem, we can help you with that. Also, when the workload decreases, you can scale down staff. You don’t need to bother with hiring or firing programmers - leave it to us and enjoy the development of your product.

Talent Management

If you outsource software development to a dedicated team, you won’t need to think about HR hassles. Your remote staff is in safe hands. Devox Software uses the best talent management techniques to ensure employee loyalty and retention. We constantly check team morale and boost team spirit, offer corporate perks and organize team buildings to avoid loss of personnel.

Direct Communication

It is an opportunity to communicate with your software engineers and take part in the software creation process. They are hired for your project and they dedicate 8 hours a day and 5 days a week solely to your tasks. You will be able to transfer all your requirements right to the person directly who is in charge of design, development or quality assurance.

Optimal Budget

What makes Ukraine an attractive outsourcing destination is the software development cost. The local rate is an optimal solution between skyrocketing prices of the West and suspiciously low prices in the East. With Devox Software, you can benefit from our transparent pricing models without hidden costs. Choose between hourly rates or fixed price and get your optimal budget.

What Is the Difference Between Dedicated and Outsourced Teams?

Dedicated Team

  • full-time engagement
  • single client
  • long-term projects
  • direct management
  • modifiable work scope
  • hourly rate
  • custom-recruited

Outsourced team

  • part-time engagement
  • multiple clients
  • short-term projects
  • managed by vendor side
  • well-defined work scope
  • fixed price/hourly rate
  • ready-to-go

When to Get a Dedicated Team?

There are a few specialists in your region
Your local developers lack the required skills
Time to hire is too long
You need expertise in a particular industry
The workload is increasing
Salary expectations exceed your budget
You want full-time remote employees
You don’t want to bother with recruiting


Which dedicated teams can I hire?

If you want to hire staff for a long-term project, you can get IT specialists of any tech stack and seniority level with Devox Software.
We will help you with finding the following talents:
– Web developers;
– Mobile developers;
– UI/UX designers;
– DevOps engineers;
– Quality assurance engineers;
– Back office teams;
– Mixed teams.

How to build a dedicated team?

Devox Software developed and implemented a hiring technique that makes building a dedicated team fast and simple.
1) Tell us about your needs;
2) Get prescreened CVs and select team members;
3) Introduce in-house and dedicated teams;
4) Set tasks and manage the process.

What are the dedicated team advantages?

1) Full-time development team that works on your project 5 days a week and 8 hours a day;
2) Expertise in the required industry, e.g. EdTech, MarTech, Real Estate, etc.;
3) Mixed dedicated teams – developers + designers + software testers + PM;
4) Direct communication and management;
5) Custom-recruited according to your job description;
6) Cost-effectiveness;
7) Skilled engineers;
8) Easy to hire;
9) Hiring lasts about 2-4 weeks;
10) Perfect fit for long-term projects.

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