Enterprise Digital Workplace Management Platform

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  • United Kingdom
  • 2022

Juriba is a broad system providing end-to-end automation and smart workflows required to manage large IT projects. With advanced features like seamless integration with existing tools, smart automation and data-driven dashboards and reports, it’s specifically tailored to digital solutions production.

Enterprise Digital Workplace Management Platform

About the client

Juriba is an infrastructure management system and migration tool. It’s a broad system providing end-to-end automation and smart workflows required to manage large IT projects. With advanced features like seamless integration with existing tools, smart automation and data-driven dashboards and reports, it’s specifically tailored to digital solutions production.


Juriba turned to Devox with two issues. 

Firstly, they experienced problems with two applications’ performance: the smoke testing app and automated application packaging. The apps gradually grew outdated, as they experienced many bugs, loaded slowly, and failed requests. The Juriba stakeholders also required these products to be more secure, as well as overally felt a need for a more updated solution.

Secondly, the platform required broadening its migration solutions. Juriba’s kit features migration tools for Windows 11 & OS, Email & Office 365 Migration, Unified Comms Migration, VDI & AVD and UEM PLatform migrations. With Devox, Juriba acquired a comprehensive code update and enriched their solutions with new features that better corresponded with users’ pains.


and Implementation:

Evergreen App Smoke Testing

Juriba’s AppM Tester, the smoke testing solution for evergreen apps, allows conducting various types of testing and deploying an application within minutes instead of hours or days. It significantly speeds up this process, promising to reduce the time it takes to test an application from hours or days down to just 7-15 minutes, 24/7/365.

  • Saves up to 40% on testing costs, covering smoke testing, functional testing, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Tests can run automatically without user intervention
  • Supports modern application formats such as MSI, AppV, MSIX, and more.
  • Ultimate benefit: organizations can control the entire lifecycle of IT projects from one place, saving an average of 1-5 hours per application and responding to changes 97% faster.

Automated Application Packaging

The Juriba AppM Packager is designed to enable non-technical staff to efficiently handle application packaging tasks, which is known to be a significant bottleneck in IT environments. It accelerates the process by automating the identification of updates, generation and testing of application deployment packages, and their publication for deployment through management solutions like Intune and Config Manager.

  • Empowers application owners to handle the majority of applications independently, which reduces the burden on packaging experts.
  • Ultimate benefit: over 70% of application packages being handled by non-experts, a 60% immediate reduction in application management costs and resources, and a 97% increase in the speed of application delivery.

Workflow and Implementation

We provided Juriba’s in-house development team with Devox’s augmented professional who took on the API developer’s responsibilities (C#) (.NET framework/ASP.net developer). Our engineer worked on two projects: the smoke testing solution for evergreen apps and an automated application packaging solution, removing bugs and perfecting the solution’s functionality on the way. Our employee was directly responsible for planning (setting estimations and milestones) and conducting the migration in question.

The key solution point was altering the application’s architecture: thanks to switching from the legacy stack, it became more understandable and thus easier to maintain. We moved the architecture from .NET Framework to .NET 6, which enabled us to rethink the libraries’ usage, which, in turn, optimized the ways of processing API requests and the general ways the server-side works. This transition also resolved the issue of multiple bugs and performance downtimes and allowed for enhancing the functionality.

We adapted the workflow to accommodate the latest stack like Hangfire setup and encryption libraries, completely overhauling the encryption process. As enhancing security measures was a request as well, we implemented relevant approaches to encryption and connection string security, such as sensitive data encryption, CSP(Content-Security-Policy) headers, cookie sessions, etc.

Migrations tools

Juriba’s migration toolkit consists of 5 products for different software migration solutions. For each of the solutions, we implemented a range of changes:

Windows 11 & OS Migration: Helps enterprises assess and action their hardware and application compatibility for Windows 11 readiness.

  • Updated the cloud and on-premise versions;
  • Tackled integration issues with AppM for testing applications within customer environments.

Email & Office 365 Migration: Aids organizations in migrating to Office 365, focusing on productivity enhancement.

  • Developed and set updates to the algorithms creating a business case and budget plan, considering factors like current email platform costs, whether to outsource or retain internal control, mailbox management, and scope of the email solution.

Unified Comms Migration: Designed for migrating to Microsoft Teams, this solution streamlines and accelerates migration by analyzing and tracking migration readiness and batching ready-for-migration employees.

  • We addressed integration issues: we tuned the connecting API with Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Teams to work with older or updated versions in real-time;

VDI & AVD Migration: Focuses on migrating to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).

  • We enriched the application with features like precise readiness tracking, covering aspects like application and device readiness, country-specific regulatory compliance, and VDI capacity.
  • Set up a data integration from various tools to manage projects centrally, automate tasks, and report on progress in real-time​

UEM Platform Migration: Juriba’s solution for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform migration streamlines the upgrade from legacy, on-premises device management tools to cloud-based UEM tools like Microsoft Intune or VMware Workspace ONE.

  • We incorporated features like automated readiness tracking, data-driven prioritization for migration, full visibility into applications, and automation to reduce resources and costs.

Changes in architecture

  • Upgrading from .NET framework to .NET 6 influenced the way the requests are processed: this transition unlocked better management of data flows, enabling more complex operations such as asynchronous communication, transaction processing, and integration with various services and platforms
  • The work of background tasks has changed significantly thanks to implementing the Hangfire library;
  • Completely moved away from static methods, fully transitioning to dependency injection. This transition allowed conducting more unit tests, which also contributed to its stability.




  • Back End

    • .NET
  • Front End

    • Angular
    • HTML/CSS
    • JavaScript 
    • TypeScript
  • Database Development

    • MySQL
    • Redis
    • Elasticsearch
  • DevOps & Cloud

    • Azure
    • Kubernetes
    • GitLab CI/CD


Thanks to Devox’s augmented professionals, Juriba significantly improved the AppM Packager and migration products’ performance.

In AppM packager, we scaled the system, removing bugs and restructuring architecture, which resulted in faster launch and loading and quicker performance. Switching from .NET to .NET6 didn’t just tackle the application’s maintenance: it made Juriba easy to scale in further, enabling the in-house team to integrate updates and new features swiftly into the app. On the project, our employee was directly responsible for planning (setting estimations and milestones) and conducting the migration.

In the set of migration tools, we worked alongside the client’s team. On this project, we provided significant code update, added a range of features, modernized the system and implemented a range of technical solutions that contributed to better program’s performance.

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