How Does IT Staffing Work?

Types of IT Staffing

Long-Term IT Staffing

If you don’t have enough programmers or other tech experts in your area, you can rely on IT staffing as a strategic hiring model. Ukraine is a perfect location for lasting outsourcing cooperation due to a large IT talent pool. We can find and hire developers, UI/UX designers, software testing engineers or any other tech specialists who will work on your project exclusively 5 days a week and 8 hours a day from our office.

Temporary IT Staffing

During high season or increased workload, you can hire a part-time remote developer with Devox Software. You can set an amount of time that should be spent on your project and the programmer will dedicate it to working on your software solely. When the seasonal work is finished, you don’t need to fire this person - the developer remains a vendor’s employer. You can easily extend your development team or shift to long-term partnership with a vendor.

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Clients' Success Stories

Our Process

Share your requirements

Tell us about your dream team member or send us a job description with indicated seniority level and tech stack of the needed developer. The more details, the better match. Let us do the rest for you!

Interview candidates

Our recruitment team with technical background will find and pre-screen developers’ CVs. You get the most relevant resumes and save your time. We will arrange interviews for you via video call or right in our office.

Hire developers

If you hire developers according to this model, you can manage them directly. That’s why it’s important to choose the right person for your remote team. We provide you with candidates but the final decision on employment is made by you.

Manage your team

The hired coders will work on our premises but you will run your team without any mediators. If you want to focus on your core work, you can hire a part-time or full-time PM who will check task completion.

Get your product done

No matter if you hire a few temporary developers to decrease workload on your in-house team or set up a whole development team in Ukraine from scratch, you will get your tasks done in time and budget.

Our Advantages

Bespoke Recruitment

You tell us which hard and soft skills your developer should possess and we search for such candidates in our talent pool. You will get the first relevant and pre-screened resumes within one week.

Quick Hiring

When it comes to urgent projects, temporary IT staffing is a solution. Due to a large number of developers in Ukraine, time to hire takes 2-4 weeks which is significantly faster than in the USA and Western Europe.

Dedicated Developers

With our support, you can get one programmer or a development team engaged only on your project. They will become full-fledged team members of your company just working remotely from our office in Kyiv.

Extra Flexibility

Adjust this outsourcing model to your company needs: scale up or down your development team, manage your team directly or hire a dedicated project manager, sign a direct contract with your developers or delegate employment to a vendor.

Direct Communication

Although your remote developers work from our office in Ukraine, you can communicate with them without a third party - arrange calls and meeting, set and distribute tasks and monitor their performance.

No Administrative Hassle

Our team takes all administrative hassle upon itself: your programmers get workstation, necessary software and licenses. Also, we provide HR, accounting, payroll and employment support.

Get IT Staffing Service When:

Remote team members should possess some particular hard & soft skills
All-round support by vendor is needed - office maintenance, HR, payroll, etc.
You want to interview pre-screened candidates by yourself
The project requires direct management
You need full-time developers for temporary work
You don’t have time and resources to recruit on your own
Competition on your local job market is too high
You need ramp up or ramp down the team


What is IT staffing?

IT staffing is one of the outsourcing models in which a client delegates hiring remote IT-related professionals to the third party, however, manages a remote team on his/her own. IT staffing presupposes custom recruiting which means that the staff is hired according to the job descriptions provided by the client.

Which specialists can I hire with you?

💻 Software engineers;
🖌️ UI/UX designers;
⚙️ Quality assurance engineers;
💡 DevOps engineers;
📱 Mobile app developers;
📖 Front/Back office.

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