Engagement Models

  • shared development team
  • immediate start
  • fixed price/hourly rate
  • managed by vendor/client
Dedicated Team
  • your full-time remote team
  • immediate start/bespoke hiring
  • fixed price/hourly rate
  • managed by client/vendor
IT Staffing
  • your full-time remote team
  • bespoke hiring
  • developer salary + vendor fee
  • managed by client

Our Process

Share your specification

If you want to assign us mobile development tasks, send us your project requirements. Also, you can send us your job description if you need a custom-recruited Android or iOS programmers.

Receive prior calculation

Our software engineers will get to the bottom of technical specifications to tell how much time and effort your tasks require. For the IT staffing model, we research the Ukrainian job market.

Choose engagement model

Together with an approximate estimation, you get a few suggestions regarding possible cooperation models. We describe their pros and cons so that you can select the right solution.

Overview developers’ work

You can monitor mobile app development without hindrance into the process or take part in it by managing your Android/iOS experts, setting tasks and checking their performance.

Get your app done

When your software is ready, we check it for bugs and transfer it to you together with all intellectual property rights. If needed, the team can keep supporting your application and add new features in the future.

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Our Benefits

Experienced Mobile Developers

Want to get your app done by top native or cross-platform programmers? Outsource mobile development to us! Our team consists of software engineers of various tech stacks and seniority levels for your choice.

Meeting Deadlines

We collect as many details about your project as possible to estimate it precisely. We engage our senior specialists at this stage, listen to their opinions and this method allows us to finish projects in time and on budget.

Affordable Cost

You can choose the pricing model that fits your business best. Be it hourly rate, fixed price or monthly salary, mobile app development outsourcing is a cost-efficient solution with Devox Software.

Office Expenses Covered

We take care of your software engineers: you don’t need to rent an office or buy equipment. Your team works in our office and we provide them with all the necessary tools - devices, licenses, etc.

Quick Start

If you have an urgent project, we can provide you instant app development service due to ready-to-go teams and a big database of mobile developers available for hiring in 2-4 weeks.

Skilled Support Team

Devox Software provides full-cycle app development services. Besides app developers, we can create an attractive design for your app and test manually or automatically.

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