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ODC Models

Build-Operate-Transfer ODC (BOT)

Devox Software sets up a dedicated development center according to your demands. We will look for office facilities with needed furniture and equipment. Our IT recruitment team has an extensive pool of candidates and knows the local job market perfectly well to hire software developers and other technical and non-technical specialists quickly. When the legal and HR parts are arranged, we transfer all rights to you, thus you can run your rep office in Ukraine by yourself.

Managed ODC

If you don’t want to bother with managing your dedicated ODC in Ukraine, we can take it upon ourselves. A full-time project manager or a team of PMs will take care of your software developers while you can focus on your professional duties. As to the rest, Devox Software undertakes document preparation, accounting, and office search, so you stay out of administrative troubles. Also, you do not need to interview software engineers directly - we can do this job instead of you too.

We're here to help you with creating dedicated development center.

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Our Process

Tell about your needs

We can’t wait to learn about your ideas. Of course, before sharing the details we will sign an NDA to protect your data. We do care about your security.

Select ODC model

We offer two ODC models - Build-Operate-Transfer and managed ones. You make your choice depending on how you want to manage your remote office.

Approve project

Your direct participation in office search and candidate screening is not required. When we find the match, we send it for your approval.

Start remote office

When the office is equipped and furnished, developers and other staff are hired, you are welcome to come and open your offshore development center.

Work on your product

ODC is a full-cycle development team, a part of your company that works for you on distance. Distribute tasks and start coding!

Why Set Up ODC in Ukraine?

Optimized Expenditures

One of the key goals of setting up an offshore development center is cutting costs. Ukraine is a reputable outsourcing destination due to its quality to cost balance. And the operational expenditures (office rental, internet bills) are lower than in Western Europe or America.

Easy Recruitment

Due to a well-developed job market and a large number of programmers in Ukraine, hiring top candidates takes 2-6 weeks. Moreover, our recruitment team has a technical background that allows sifting software developers more thoroughly.

Technical Expertise

If you want to hire developers who hold a Master’s Degree in Computer Science or any related field, you won’t have any trouble with it in Ukraine. Tech graduates, tech stack, seniority level - you choose and we hire.

No Administrative Concerns

When you choose the ODC model, we will responsible for all administrative tasks. You don’t need to come to Ukraine and search for a business place, analyze the job market and salaries since we provide all-round support for your company.

Convenient Location

Ukraine is located in an advantageous time zone - you will have a few hour overlap with your remote office no matter where your headquarters is. And you can easily visit your offshore development center to work together and onboard new team members.

100% Commitment

We create ODC that becomes a full-fledged part of your company. It means that your remote dedicated team works for you only - you won’t share the working hours of your developers with other clients.

Our Approach

Direct communication
Custom recruiting
Flexible pricing
Agile methodology
Support staff
IT recruiters with tech education
Quick start
Ready IT talent pool


What is ODC?

Offshore development center (ODC) is a remote office of a company created in order to increase its software development capabilities. Businesses set up ODCs in countries with a large number of software engineers (to expand the team when needed) and affordable prices for hiring staff, office rent, internet, etc.

How to set up an offshore development center?

1) Study the market;
2) Select the location;
3) Choose the vendor;
4) Tell about your needs;
5) Select the ODC model – BOT/managed;
6) Interview/approve software developers;
7) Select/approve office facilities, equipment;
8) Start working on your product in ODC.

How do you ensure the quality of your services?

To provide top-quality services we select our staff carefully. All software developers in our company have to pass 3 rounds of interview: an interview with a recruiter, a technical interview, and an interview with managers. We check hard and soft skills, English proficiency, and define if we share the values.
Also, we review our employee performance twice a year to track and boost their professional growth.

How do you ensure security of the ODC?

We have adjusted internal security policy and procedures to ISO27001 standards. Our development team follows physical, logical, and data security rules that are reviewed on the regular basis. Physical security procedures protect our office & equipment as well as regulate visitor admission.
As for logical security, we have a set of rules on network protections, IT security controls, teleworking, etc.

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