How Can We Help You With UI/UX?

Our UI/UX Services

User Interface

Outsource web design to Devox Software and get a user-friendly interface.


User Experience

Our UX experts will design user flow and usability of your application.


Custom Web Design

With our web design services, you get the tailor-made appearance of your app.


Responsive Design

Our specialists will make your design look cool on any device and screen size.


Mobile UI/UX Design

Get attractive and easy-to-use websites and apps for mobile users.



We design not only websites and mobile apps, but also complex CRM systems.


Our Works

Clients' Success Stories

Our Process

What will we do for you?

Gather information

After we get your project specification, we discuss it with you. We familiarize ourselves with your vision and design ideas to understand your needs.

Analyze market

Our account manager passes the information to UI/UX experts for estimation. You will get the approximate timelines in 1-3 days.

Offer solutions

Based on the estimation, our business development team will work out and suggest a few cooperation models.

Create design

Your remote part-time or full-time designers produce engaging UI/UX solutions while working from our office under our supervision.

Launch your product

When the project is finished, we transfer all designs to you together with intellectual property rights.

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Pricing Models

Fixed Price

Outsource web design according to a fixed price model when you have a list of well-defined requirements and no modifications may come in. Share the list with us and our leading UI/UX designers will estimate work scope and timeframes. As a result, you will get a precise estimation of your project.

Time & Material

If your project scope is vague and you feel unsure about your demands, you can opt for the T&M scheme. You get a UI/UX designer or a whole team that works for you on hourly based terms – you will pay for the time spent on your project. Overhead and operational expenditures are covered.

Cost-Plus Pricing

Cost-plus pricing in outsourcing is associated with dedicated resources. If your startup or enterprise needs design services with full-time engagement and you need somebody to take care of your remote team, it’s the right solution.

Our Benefits

Cost-Effective Strategy

Offshore IT services in Ukraine come at reasonable rates. When you choose to outsource it, you can save up to 60% of your administrative expenditures. Also, be it one UI/UX expert or a dedicated team, we cover all expenses related to a workplace, accounting, and employment.

Competent UI/UX Designers

Since Devox Software is an outsource design company, our UI/UX design team is carefully selected. Our recruiters and tech specialist check both the hard and soft skills of each designer to guarantee high quality to our clients.

Agile Project Management

Devox Software uses best project management practices to ensure the timely delivery of our services. Our remote designers can either use your issue tracking system or they will be managed by our local PM.

Expertise Variety

We are a full-cycle IT outsourcing company so you get all-round support by cooperating with us. Besides UI/UX design, we provide web and app development, QA, DevOps services as well as recruitment, HR and managerial support.

Shared Responsibility

When you entrust us with creating a design for your business, you share responsibilities with us. It becomes our duty to take care of your project flow and remote design team.

Diverse Hiring Models

Devox Software offers several cooperation models to make web design outsourcing comfortable for the business of any scale - from startup to big enterprise. Project-based development, dedicated team, staff augmentation - it’s up to you.


What are UI/UX design services?

Devox Software offers a range of design services. We create user interface and user experience solutions, custom design for web and mobile applications, and responsive design to make it look good on any device.

Why hire UI/UX designers?

If you want your product to be attractive and user friendly, you can’t do without UI/UX designers.
With Devox Software you get professional design services without recruiting. We offer ready-to-go teams of designers of all seniority levels. They will listen to your requirements and create wireframes and mockups of your product quickly and efficiently.

How to outsource design?

Since one of the key reasons for outsourcing is time-saving, delegating design tasks to a vendor is simple.
1) Define an outsourcing destination;
2) Select an outsourcing provider;
3) Tell your requirements;
4) Approve design;
5) Get your product done.

What will we do for you while working on your project:
1) Familiarize with your needs;
2) Analyze market;
3) Offer a few solutions;
4) Create wireframes and mockups;
5) Transfer all designs to you.

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