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Front-End Development

Build your brand awareness and increase sales by mere internet presence. Devox Software, a professional outsource web dev company, will create an eye-catching responsive website according to your requirements. Be it a landing or a complex e-store, we can do it all.


Full-Stack Development

Full-stack developers are good at client and server side - they understand customer needs and work with databases and hostings. Our main specialization is Angular and .NEt, but we also deal with PHP, Python and many others - just contact us and ask about the needed one.


Web App Development

Came up with an idea of a web app, but don’t know how to develop it? We have both part-time and dedicated web developers for short-term and long-lasting projects. We don't limit ourselves by one technology - you will get a software engineer with the required tech stack.


CMS Development

We analyze your business needs and select the best UX solutions. Our IT outsourcing company makes it easy for you to change content - texts, images, videos, etc. without programmers' help. Our main focus is WordPress, however, we can also develop bespoke CMS if your business requires it.


E-commerce Development

Devox Software can provide you with a ready-to-go team at an affordable cost for small retailers, startups, SMBs or enterprises. In our talent pool, there are web developers with relevant experience in the e-commerce industry.


Custom Web Development

Wanna add distinctive features to your site or app? We appreciate personal approach and bespoke web solutions. Our project-based or dedicated web developers will listen to your demands and suggest the ways to carry it out.


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Our Process


Our outsource web development company gathers requirements that describe the business needs of your project. We decompose the specification into small tasks to estimate the scope precisely and prepare a strict delivery plan for your approval.


At this stage, you will get two prototypes. The first one is wireframes that allow visualizing project functionality and user flow. The next step is to create an interactive UI prototype that looks almost like the real product.


There are no two similar projects. We always develop a personal approach to each project we take. Our practices like Continuous integration, code reviews, and pair programming let the team combine speed and agility with a focus on quality.


Software development can’t do without quality assurance. Each project we deliver is precisely tested either manually or automatically. Quality assurance is one of our main values since it’s the basis of our client’s reputation.


With Devox Software, your project will be released on time and budget. Our PMs control developers’ performance so you will get your web project done according to the plan. If needed, our team will provide ongoing support for your project.

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Our Engagement Models

Time & Material

  • Long-term project
  • Undefined budget
  • Full control over the project
  • No clear requirements
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Fixed Price

  • Short-term project
  • Modest budget
  • Minor changes possible
  • Strict scope schedule
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Monthly Salary + Fee

  • Any project length
  • Well-estimated projects
  • Direct management
  • Full-time engagement
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Why Choose Us?

Deep Expertise

If you can't find the needed software engineer locally or want to reduce cost but keep the code quality on the high level, Devox Software is the right choice. We pay meticulous attention to the selection of our employees: we check both hard and soft skills. It allows us to provide neat code and ensure smooth communication between the parties.

Flexible Engagement Models

One part-time developer? Dedicated web development team with QA and DevOps? You choose the number of team members you will work with depending on your project needs. What is more, we give you a choice of management schemes: you can manage everything directly or delegate it to a project manager.

Convenient Billing Schemes

We offer a variety of pricing models. Outsourcing is meant to be cost-effective you get good service and optimize your expenditures by choosing the right scheme. If your project has a strictly defined work scope, there is a fixed price model for you. Hourly rates (time and material) fit the projects with vague requirements and a timeline.

Affordable Hourly Rates

Ukraine is a great place to look for an outsource web dev company due to its fair rates. When the hourly rates of some European and US digital agencies exceed hundreds of US dollars, our local developers are the golden balance in terms of the quality-to-cost ratio. Moreover, you don't need to pay for an office, equipment, and employee benefits - everything is on us.

Ready-to-Go Teams

Some projects are impatient about the delay. When you can't wait for months to find the right developer in your area, there is a solution - hire a ready-to-go web development team. Devox Software renders this service: we have cohesive teams who are used to work with each other. It means you gain time together with easily managed remote technical specialists.

Individual Approach

Two projects are never alike. Although we use well-established and time-tried approaches (like Agile and Scrum), we always start from a thorough study of your business and project goals. A deep understanding of your needs allows us to advise you about the best outsourcing model and adjust it to your particular case. Contact us and we will suggest you a tailor-made solution!

Which Cooperation Model Is the Best Fit for Web Development?

Dedicated team

The dedicated team presupposes full-time engagement of your software developers. They will dedicate 8 hours a day and 5 days a week to your project only. Devox Software allows you to outsource web development to one coder or a whole dedicated team that would consist of programmers, DevOps, QA engineers, project managers, etc. Clients say it’s a convenient model because they can control and manage their team directly without bothering themselves with office or recruitment.

Project-based outsourcing

The best match for short-term projects is web development outsourсe. You share your task with us and get a ready-to-go team. Our web developers will do the estimation and send it for your approval. When everything is agreed, we will assign the right number of web developers required for the project completion. You don’t need to manage or control them – we take all administrative and managerial hassles upon ourselves. This model works best for non-tech companies that want to fully focus on their core business.


How do you outsource web development?

The process of outsourcing web development to a vendor consists of 5 major stages:
1) Tell your requirements to an outsourcing vendor;
2) Approve your product wireframes;
3) Your product is developed by professionals under your supervision;
4) Testing and bug fixing;
5) Your product is ready for market.

What are the reasons to outsource web development?

The first reason why outsource web development is to dedicate more time to your core business activities. By delegating software development tasks to a vendor you reduce the workload of your in-house team and get more time to focus on areas you specialize in.
The second reason is to cut operational costs. Offshore outsourcing providers charge lower rates than the local staff.
The third reason is that you can get more work done without extra hirings.

What are the benefits of outsourcing web development?

What are the benefits of outsourcing web development?
Web development outsourcing will bring such benefits to your business:
1) Experienced web developers;
2) Cost saving;
3) Optimized risk management;
4) Fewer recruitment hassles
5) Focus on your business;
6) Flexible engagement models;
7) Ability to hire a mixed team of developers, designers, QAs;
8) Better choice of technologies.

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