What Is Software Development Outsourcing?

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How It Works?

Draw up project specification

Describe your IT-related idea: tell us about preferred technology, features and overall vision. Rest assured, you project is in safe hands - we always sign an NDA before asking for your requirements.

Approve estimation

Our software developers dive into the details of your project and make an initial estimation for you. They will define the timeframes for this scope of work and you will be able to plan your budget.

Choose cooperation model

Our unique approach to your needs is flexibility. Once we find out the gist of your project, we can suggest the best suitable option for your business: fixed price or hourly rates, direct management or hiring a local PM - it's up to you.

Monitor the process

If you want, you can run IT outsourcing team without intermediaries. In other case, management can be also delegated to our in-house PMs who will ensure effcient time allocation and delivery.

Get your software done

We will take care of your remote staff: premises and equipment, payroll and office perks, accounting and taxes. You don't need to bother with all these side tasks - focus on your business and enjoy software development outsourcing.

Advantages of IT Outsourcing

Seasoned IT Professionals

Talent pool of an outsourcing vendor consists of the developers skilled in various programming languages and industries. IT outsourcing helps to overcome talent shortage and skill gap issues.

Ready-to-go Solution

Why waste your time on screening CVs and dozens of interview stages, if you can start development right now? With outsourcing software development to a vendor, you get a software developer or a whole team instantly.

Simple Staff Scalability

Outsourcing is fully customizable: you can easily increase the number of developers to have your project done faster or reduce a team size when needed. At the same time, they remain our employees so you won't hire or fire people directly.

Considerable Cost Reduction

Outsourcing allows not only hiring rare tech specialists but also cut company expenditures drastically. Besides the fact that software development is cheaper in Ukraine, you don't need to pay overhead and office rent or taxes - it's on a vendor.

Decrease Workload

Boost your employee loyalty by decreasing their workload. Instead of ramping up tasks, you can redistribute them between in-house and remote team. In addition to team morale you will improve their productivity.

Company Flexibility

Don't want to set up your in-house IT department? Don't feel like hiring more people and expanding your company? Delegate programming to a vendor and keep your company flexible and adaptable to market changes.

How we Make outsourcing safe?

We sign secure contracts

We respect your intellectual property rights, that’s why we always start cooperation with signing a non-disclosure agreement. With this document, you can share the details of your project safely. After you decide on hiring and pricing model, we sign an agreement that guarantees proper conditions fulfilment.

You get only fitting developers

We eliminate the risks of hiring wrong people by double check. First of all, every project is discussed and reviewed by CTO. Together, you define the needed tech stack and seniority level for your team. The second stage is selecting candidates for projects. Our recruitment team can boast of technical background, thus our developers are thoroughly chosen and relevant in terms of both hard and soft skills.

We test your software

High quality of our end product is our key priority. We have a team of quality assurance engineers who will take care of your project on every stage of development. Our specialists use Functional, System, Stress, Performance, Usability and Acceptance testing techniques to be sure that your product is bug-free when released.

High English proficiency

Distinctive feature of our software outsourcing services is direct talks between clients and their remote teams. That’s why we check English skills of our programmers thoroughly and strive to develop them further. We hold corporate English classes to ensure smooth communication.


Which outsourcing services do you provide?

πŸ’» Web development;
πŸ“± Mobile app development;
πŸ–ŒοΈ UI/UX;
πŸ’‘ DevOps;
βš™οΈ Software testing;
πŸ“– BPO.

Can I hire part-time QA/DevOps engineers?

Yes. Devox Software offers flexible engagement models. You can get a mixed development team which consists of developers, designers, software testers, etc. For example, we can provide a team of 4 full-time developers + project manager (0.5 FTE) + software tester (0.5 FTE) + DevOps (0.25 FTE).

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