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  • 2021

SwissMentor is a learning management system (LMS). It’s the software for managing all sides of the educational process: the main features include course management, invoicing, room management, document management, and e-learning.


About the client

SwissMentor combines all the necessary functions for lessons, time planning, billing, and communication within one platform and is built with educational facilities and corporate learning in mind.


The SwissMentor team needed Devox’s help to expand the system properly: at a time, the challenge layed in proper code structuring and codebase update. Our task was to correctly scale the system’s orientation in both didactic and administrative aspects, as well as develop a versatile framework for an LMS like SwissMentor to be a go-to solution for many ways and areas of learning.


As a platform, SwissMentor is divided into 3 main directions:

  • for educational facilities (schools, universities, platforms);
  • for professional development and continuing education;
  • for associations and clubs.

Its main user personas include learners, teachers, employees and customers.


SCORM support

The key requirement for any custom LMS is SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliance. SwissMentor is compatible with its various versions, meaning there is a reliable exchange between the learning platform and the respective e-learning element. Both the students themselves and the teacher can check the learning progress at any time, and the system controls the various sub-files in the correct order.

Access Control List

The ACL rights system allows access to individual data to be controlled. Even complex access rules (e.g. only to one object type systemically in one hierarchy level) can be easily mapped. Personal data can be protected by individual domains (e.g. mobile phone number). A higher-level system with strategic rights rules helps to document the construction of the rights rules in a comprehensible way, even for managers who do not specialize in IT. Thanks to this implementation, even complex requirements for the legal system can be mapped and documented comprehensibly with just a few rules. 

Relevant modules

The modules optimize processes and resources, record and store information and make it accessible in a clear and user-specific manner.

People Management

The personal management system enables the recording of individuals along with their private and professional addresses, CVs, skills, and affiliations to various groups and companies.

Document Management

SwissMentor’s system allows for the efficient storage, management, and search of office files, images, videos, and other documents, coupled with reliable version control.

Media Streaming

The Media Streaming module compresses, saves, and plays media such as videos and audio files in streaming mode, allowing playback while downloading.

E-learning (Web-based Training)

E-learning facilitates online-based learning units, transmitting the learning progress to make it comprehensible for each participant.

Messages (Communication System)

The communication module supports the sending and receiving messages with file attachments and SMS, both within and outside the platform.


SwissMentor’s curriculum system organizes training content into modules, further divided across several semesters.

Course Management

SwissMentor allows the mapping of single or multi-semester courses, assigning groups of teachers and learners to these courses.

Event Management (Event Booking)

The system combines non-lesson-associated events with spatial, human, and material resources.


SwissMentor enables the creation of standardized and customer-specific reports, available as PDF files or tabular reports in Excel.

Content Management System (CMS)

This system allows editing of texts with tables and high-resolution images as XHTML files, facilitating their combination into a Word manuscript or other accessible forms.

Exams and Certificates (Qualification)

The qualification module enables the predefinition of course exams, with grades being collated on report cards and printed as reports or certificates.

Timetable Planning (Disposition)

Supporting the creation of course timetables, SwissMentor offers manual, semi-manual, and automatic scheduling modes.

Salary Accounting (Contracts and Salaries)

This module enables task-specific teaching assignments between educational institutions and teachers. It allows for the performance-based remuneration of teaching activities.

CRM (Customer Contacts)

The CRM module facilitates the search, grouping, management, and engagement of people with specific characteristics, with all contacts stored within the customer relationship management system.


The invoicing feature allows for billing of course visits, individual items, or custom-defined items. It also supports the sending of reminders if necessary.



SwissMentor is based on a modern multi-layered software architecture. We implemented data, business logic, and user interfaces in clearly separated components.

The multi-layered system architecture offers many advantages:

  • High reliability thanks to redundancy on all layers (database, AppServer and WebServer)
  • High performance
  • High scalability
  • Increased data security through access protection on multiple levels
  • Various interfaces to third-party systems
  • Elevated investment protection thanks to interchangeable components



  • Back End

    • .NET
  • Front End

    • Angular
  • DevOps & Cloud

    • Azure
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
  • Database Development

    • PostgreSQL


While developing SwissMentor, we faced two main challenges. The first was making sure it meets all requirements in the didactic area (eLearning with SCORM support, document management with PDF comments by learners, learning objectives) and in the administrative area (time planning, performance and salary accounting).

As a result, SwissMentor was reviewed to offer a sophisticated tool for didactic planning, resource management and administration. We can therefore offer our trainees and trainers an intuitive, personalized educational platform.

The second challenge was to cover different areas of learning, be it corporate, private, or academical. Naturally, we achieved this as well: the clients claimed to use the SwissMentor course management system on the one hand as an in-house training system for employees and on the other hand for external course participants. The system easily adapts to the clients’ needs and is flexible in further development, standing out as an agile working tool for course management.

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