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Joynd is a system that integrates different HR tools into one platform, allowing client companies to leverage the potential of different software within a single platform.


About the client

The software connects companies who wish to use HR software from one side and such technical providers from the other side. It allows for a quick and effective integration with multiple suppliers.


The idea Joynd stakeholders came up to us with was fairly complicated from the technical point of view: the requested product basically was thought out as a functional middleground between clients (companies hiring people) and software providers. This request entailed a range of implementational challenges:

  • Integrating the product (Joynd itself) and the HR solutions;
  • Ensuring the possibility of fast and effective integration with different software;
  • Thinking out user flow and user experience;
  • The issue of different level access.


Bringing different software and a platform together

The key challenge around developing a system like Joynd was a physical embodiment. We had to unite two ingredients: a number of different software with its own unique user flow and a platform where all of it is unified like in a library. 


Having conducted thorough UX research, our team of designers was working on the user path from scratch. We thought out a range of user identities, including different levels of access and tuning their dashboards and user flows. In particular, we set up an admin side (with more default access) and a client side (with selected access).

Back-end integrations

Having created a platform, in order to provide functionality and seamless integrations with suppliers’ software, we created a system of back-end integrations. 

Access points: Federated Identity

A federated identity is the means of linking a user’s identity information stored across different identity management systems. In Federated Identity Management, an arrangement is made between multiple organizations, such that users can use the same credentials to access networks of all the organizations in the group.

The first approach we employ on the back-end is federated identity. This approach allows managing user’s data within different systems. 

How it works

The user makes a request on the front-end. This request goes to two back ends: the service provider’s (the integrated solution) and the Joynd platform’s. The user’s identity is checked on both sides, which is how it’s federated from both angles.



  • Back End

    • .NET
  • Front End

    • Angular
    • HTML/CSS
    • JavaScript 
    • TypeScript
  • Database Development

    • PostgreSQL
  • DevOps & Cloud

    • AWS
    • Docker


Together with Devox, Joynd as a project could be realized in the full potential of its business value, giving life to a range of complicated processes and UX flows. Together, we achieved:

Integration of Diverse Software

Joynd effectively integrated different HR tools into a unified platform, allowing client companies to access and utilize a variety of HR software solutions seamlessly. This integration overcomes the challenge of disparate user flows and functionalities inherent in using multiple HR systems.

User-Centric Design and Experience

The platform’s development involved extensive UX research, leading to a thoughtful design of user paths. This approach included creating distinct identities for various user types, such as admins and clients, each with tailored levels of access and dashboard configurations.

Back-End Integrations for Functionality

The platform’s functionality hinges on a robust system of back-end integrations. These integrations enable seamless interactions between the client’s chosen HR solutions and the Joynd platform, ensuring a smooth user experience. One of unprecedented ways of integration was employing a federated identity approach, a key aspect of Joynd’s access flow. This method allows for efficient management of user data across different systems by verifying user identities on both the service provider’s and Joynd’s platforms, ensuring secure and streamlined access.

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