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Types Of Full Stack Developers


A MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js) stack programmer is a web application developer who mainly works with JavaScript-based technologies to build applications. Using a JS pack for your project will accelerate the advancement procedure and bring the unmatched flexibility and scalability.


MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) programmers leverage the four key technologies that make up the stack. This set of technologies is beneficial for smoother and quicker deployment of full-stack web applications. Hiring MERN coders is the shortcut to developing the best of agile react applications.

Whom can you hire?


Create interactive, dynamic and innovative applications with lightness and speed.



Take advantage of a secured web product with unrivaled stability and ease-of-scale.



Build powerful mobile solutions for your business with our React-proficient developers.



Augment your team with Node.js coders to create enterprise-grade and scalable solutions.



Devox Software offers top Python developers for hire on various engagement models.



We will match you with the high-grade Django programmers to level up your products.


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Our Process

Break down your requirements

First of all, we will get a solid grasp of your business needs and project vision. For that, our specialists will analyse your technical requirements and candidate preferences. We may also ask you to provide clear job descriptions for hiring full-stack coders. This stage is essential for providing you with best resources aimed at making your tech dreams come true.

Pick the hiring option

After discussing the finest technical details, we offer you a spectrum of engagement models to choose from. Diverse hiring options will help you align goals around a common outcome and the best suitable pricing model. You can recruit full-stack programmers on IT staffing, outsourcing, or staff augmentation basis as well as dedicated team models and other beneficial options.

Vet candidates

Before hiring, all potential candidates pass our high-caliber vetting process. With a vast talent pool, we identify the most qualified candidates that match your requirements and assess required skills.To make sure successful applicants fit your project, we offer you to conduct pre-employment screens. It will help you ensure the effectiveness of the hiring process.

Sign a contract

Before you start the development process, we provide you with a transparent and comprehensive contract to sign. It will help us to have a clear view of what you want from the project and mention it clearly beforehand. The contract also states detailed project scope, cost&payment structure, duration of completion, and others. Thus, we ensure confidentiality and transparency.

Full-stack developer is hired

The hiring process finishes with employing a professional full-stack developer for your project. Make sure to set up a stable connection with the hired full stack developer for a successful collaboration and mutual understanding. You might also want to onboard the new employee to brief on fundamental expectations and established workflows, as well as integrate into company’s practices.

Offshore Full Stack Developers for Hire.

Need more info?

Engagement Models

Time & Material

  • Long-lived project
  • Unsettled budget
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the project
  • Sketchy requirements

Fixed Price

  • Short-duration project
  • Limited budget
  • Change-welcome
  • Clearly defined deliverables

Custom Hiring

  • Works for any duration
  • Upfront estimation
  • Direct supervision
  • Complete dedication

Why Devox Software?


Devox Software is a service provider with a seasoned history of successfully completing 100+ projects. We help businesses extend their software development teams by filling vacant full-stack developer positions for companies of all sizes. With us, you can achieve your digital transformation goals with no administrative burdens.

Broad range of technologies

Our vetted developers are well-versed in the latest full-stack trends such as progressive web apps, single-page applications, and any other development challenges. Their field of expertise also includes an exhaustive set of technologies such as Angular, React.js, .NET, Nodejs, Python, and many others.

Full/part-time hiring option

We offer a wide range of engagement models to cover all demands and talent gaps. Thus, you can hire dedicated full stack programmers on a part/full-time basis as per your needs. No matter the longevity, you can get in touch with Devox Software full-stack specialists with a specific duration in mind.

No mediators

Fruitful collaboration and top-grade projects are not possible without close supervision of a client. That is why we put emphasis on seamless and stable communication and time-tested communication practices. With our joined forces and direct engagement, you will have the capacity to step on the hyper growth path.

Cost effectiveness

We truly believe that hiring dedicated full-stack developers shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. With Devox Software, you will get better value for your finances topped with excellent quality and client-centered service. We will help you reflect considerable savings on operating costs without taking shortcuts.

Agile approach

We implement the best principles of agile methodology to software development and expand them to other project's areas. Well-executed agile practices help our developers improve the quality of their software at each release. Among other things, it ensures the highest efficiency and transparency of our expert's work.

Support team

Our company has enough resources to satisfy your needs for hiring a support team on demand. It means that you won’t have to spend time and effort on recruiting new team members. In the case of unpredicted circumstances, you can also hire part- or full-time Project Manager, QA, or DevOps specialists.

Secure infrastructure

Our team relies on best practices and security standards to help you avoid typical security flaws. As a secure provider, we protect your information assets and productivity gains through software outsourcing. We also give information security assurance and guarantee safe management of information resources.

How will full stack developer boost your business?

Access to better technology solutions
Wide spectrum of technology skills
All-inclusive services
Effective problem-solving
Faster and smoother development process
Bigger picture of design infrastructure
Cost-effective and economical solution
Project delivery within stipulated deadline


Why should I hire a full stack developer instead of front-end+back-end developers?

A full stack software engineer is a person who can cover both front-end and back-end development needs. He/she will be a single point of contact, so you will spend less time on team management.
On the other hand, full stack developers can be more expensive. But if you choose hiring front-end/back-end developers, you can also order such a service in Devox Software.

How can I hire full stack developers with Devox Software?

If you need to hire a full stack developer, we will make an audit of your project to suggest the optimal solution – technology, seniority level, skills, etc. Also, you will get a ballpark estimation and approximate timeline of your project. When you accept our proposal, our recruiters hire full stack developers according to your requirements and we start software development process.

How much does it cost to hire full stack developer?

Full stack developer rate depends on a few factors: tech stack, seniority level, experience and skills. Also, location should be taken into account. Find general information about average hourly rates in our research. But if you know your requirement, you can contact us directly and we will make a free quote for you.

Which project management methodology do you use?

Typically we use Scrum for managing software development lifecycle since it proved to be effective due to flexibility and frequent contacts with the customer. CI/CD pipeline, code review, and unit testing help us to provide a top-notch level of custom software development services – we eradicate human factors, developers check their code, and create tests for it.

Can I track my project progress?

Yes, you can communicate directly with your full stack developers to check the status of your tasks. Also, we follow best practices of Agile methodology which presupposes regular meetings and sync up calls so you can discuss your project on a daily/weekly basis, you choose. In addition, we strongly recommend using task management systems, like Jira, ClickUp or Trello.

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