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All-in-one event management software for data-driven event decisions

Learn how we remodeled a custom ticket selling website into a comprehensive event management platform.

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About The Project

Function4 is a USA-based professional event ecosystem that offers a simple, user-friendly discovery venue for the financial services sector. The enterprise event management software features a single, real-time dashboard with zero setup for event attendees, hosts, and sponsors. Function4 also provides discovery, data, and tools to help the right people discover the right events.

Project title

Prior to founding Function4, our client has had extensive experience working in the alternative investments industry. 

During his professional career, Mr. Leffakis has faced the need for an all-in-one event management system that would allow you to find, create, and manage event status as well as monitor its performance.

Back in those days, there didn’t exist an ultimate venue to look for relevant events as well as a dedicated destination to expose events and curate guest lists and sponsorships. 

So our client decided to fill this gap and create an event management platform that targets these problems.

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Client's request

Our client wanted to transform the existing ticket selling website into an all-in-one event management software. The platform was meant to support three user roles:
• attendees,
• hosts,
• sponsors.

The team also recommended adding event statistics for hosts to get more data-driven insights, as well as create internal efficiency and deliver real-time insight.

During the event management system project design, the solution had to be supplemented with new functions such as:
• dashboard
• campaign
• my company
• spreadsheet killer.

Business challenges

The project development process presented the following challenges:

• The need for a monetization model
• Reconfiguration of the existing ticket selling solution to an event management system
• New functionality to make the solution attractive for major financial institutions and to enable them to create and add events to the platform
• Reach another target audience, while retaining loyal customers
• The relevance of the solution during the pandemic.

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Product scope

In creating their platform, Function4 wanted to accomplish two major goals.

1. Build a holistic event ecosystem that would:
• enable the platform to collect, integrate and analyze a broad range of high-quality event data and
• allow the platform users to base their event planning on the data-driven approach, including behavioral information and metrics.

2. Create an all-in-one event management software that facilitates data-driven decision for different groups of users, including:
• attendees
• hosts
• sponsors

Project stages

1 Stage

Our client wanted to expand the platform with two additional user groups, including hosts and sponsors.

The existing event management solution was augmented with new types of users. The old ticket selling solution was upgraded with new features of the event management system. It now offers functionality that addresses multiple aspects of event management within a single product, thus automating and simplifying the entire planning process.

Portfolio F4 Behavioral Information

2 Stage

The existing solution had to be expanded with new functionality to support hosts and enable companies to add and manage their financial events. Also, Function4 lacked a single system with all of the events, sponsorship activity, and competitive intel in one place.

New functions were integrated into the existing event management system that enable hosts to:

• sell tickets for the upcoming financial event
• set the ticket price
• accept or decline applications from attendees
• use a dedicated feature (Dashboard) to access statistical data for each event
• monitor the number of total views and clicks by dates and regions
• get an insight into the user persona
• run promoting campaigns in the My Campaign section
• manage banner displaying
• gather a banner response, including views and clicks
• buy either a package deal or pay for banner placement only

Portfolio F4 New Event

3 Stage

The client wanted to provide a set of event monitoring features for a new target audience. Therefore, Function4 had to be updated with brand new capabilities for large financial services companies.

Integrating new functions into the existing event management platform that allow financial services companies to:

• create an admin panel in the My company section, where a company member can create a new event
• monitor the event statistics to increase event sales and value
• access relevant statistics by companies and industries
• select event format ( virtual/offline)
• set up an event schedule.

Portfolio F4 Screen 1

Interesting features

Function 4 is an event management platform that incorporates a whole host of tools to streamline the event planning process for all types of users in the financial branch. But there’s something more that makes it even more unique.

It also delivers an unprecedented set of features that helps users simplify the management of the whole event lifecycle while fetching the data and insights needed to maximize event value. This result was achieved through integrating one-of-a-kind features of the event management system, including:

Spreadsheet killer:
This innovative feature enables companies to display the analytics in a table or grid view. The ability to customize event table accounts for better data analysis and a profound knowledge base.

Platform users can also add and delete columns to choose the data they want to see in the event table. All these help financial services companies to capture and act on attendee interests as well as track the firm's event activity and resource allocation at industry events.

Authentic button names tailored to the financial services industry:
As the main target audience of this event management system includes professionals in the financial field, the platform has to speak the language they understand. This prompted the design team to tap into the professional terminology and come up with unusual button names.

Thus, the 'relevant competitors’ button has been given the name of “peer groups” to stay on the same page with platform users.


The project complexity and unclear project scope brought forth the following challenges:

• The need for a new project structure due to the discrepancies between the information architecture and user needs.

• The overhaul of the existing ticket selling system with new functionality added in real-time.

• The demand for a fine-tuned and coordinated process between design and development for upgrades to be done gradually without delaying the product launch.

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Portfolio F4 Desktop
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The client came to Devox Software with the intention to transform an event ticket selling website into a comprehensive portal for finance-themed events. This business target called for a new set of functionality for other user groups and a number of features to measure and scale events towards key business outcomes.

The former ticket selling solution was transformed into the ultimate event organizing planning and management system. Every firm in financial services can now measure event performance and obtain data-powered insights with the help of real-time statistics and powerful Excel-like functionality for better data analysis.

Also, the enterprise event management software was revamped with new features to assist established financial services companies in reaching and engaging new audiences.

The client wanted to significantly increase the number and types of users who could leverage the whole potential of the system.

The solution was upgraded with powerful features to cover new user groups, including hosts and sponsors. Event hosts were enabled to perform a complete suite of actions within the platform, including selling tickets and setting the ticket price, accepting or declining applications, and other functionality to back up event planning. Hosts are now able to run promoting campaigns for their events and monitor performance metrics and all-inclusive statistics.

The event organizing niche has had a particular toll amidst the backdrop of coronavirus fears and the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, the event industry has faced significant revenue losses and has been contracted in terms of its growth.

The new functionality allowed our client to reinvigorate existing processes and stay relevant even amidst the coronavirus restrictions. Overall, since this is an ever-going project centered on long-term goals, it’s constantly getting updates and new features based on user needs and behavior.

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