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Technology Stack for Web App Development

To launch a business project of any complication, you cannot do without a competent stack of technology approaches for creating web products. If the web development stack is properly selected, then the programmer will have possibility to execute a certain amount of duties which call for adapting the web app for its intended purpose, leveling up the productive procedure, and leveling up the execution of their work, since it is the IT specialist who is liable for the IT plan entrusted to him. If the technology has been properly chosen, it will prevent a lot of difficulties, including problems with editing, correcting, updating, and so on.

  1. What is a Technology Stack for Web Application Development?
  2. Components of Technology Stack for Web Application Development
  3. Popular Technology Stacks For Web Application Development
  4. How to Choose the Right Technology Stack for your Web Application
  5. Conclusion

What is a Technology Stack for Web Application Development?

Few beginners know what the frontend technology stack is. Competent professionals will answer this question without a hitch. The term “web technology stack” means a full kit of popular, modern and functioning data processing languages. This concept also includes frameworks, various operating systems used to develop websites, web products and mobile freeware. In fact, it includes a whole combination, having a bunch with certain elements that may “turn” the software into a multifunctional and absolutely developed one.

Components of Technology Stack for Web Application Development

Giving importance what kind of technology stack for web development is greater, it should be distinguished only 2 categories that are specifically related to large-scale ones. In the first situation, such a type of category as “client set” is distinguished. In the second case, they emphasize such a category as “server set”.

Front End Development

This operating system is involved in the criterion – “client set”. The platform, known to many, gives you chance to perform such a trick, as when developing on its basis, the designed web apps will be fully visible in any of the existing browsers on the World Wide Web. Its main goal is to demonstrate the reciprocity and interactivity of consumers with web freeware.

HTML. This well-known language of programmers refers to the hypertext type of markup. In fact, it is a standard complex that is used to mark text files on the network. CSS. It simply reflects the code, which means that the web specialist can use the provided fonts, colours, types, size options, and other elements. It is a cascading table technology with different styles. Java script. Everyone knows about this language for IT developers. The platform allows you to develop interactive effects in browsers, as well as write interactive code, taking into account personalized user data.

Back-end Development

This freeware belongs to the second category – the server set. The technology functions “behind the scenes”, which means that the interface is fully operational. This system involves providing the created web product with a logical structure and can greatly facilitate the connection between connected elements. The platform additionally has distinctive characteristics in the form of the presence of not only data processing languages, but also libraries (without statistics), and also has a server itself.


You can implement web apps and launch it into the world without a data base. True, in such software options will be significantly limited. Technology like databases (like a library) is a necessity in order to ensure the safety of information for the dynamic operation of the created web product, especially when the application requests specific personal information from people – users. Absolutely all innovative and competitive web implementations involve a system of at least one directory, which is fulfilled in the IT project throughout the creation procedure.

Relational (MySQL); Non-relational or document (MongoDB).


The backend assumes a certain location that helps with information handling. In fact, when a user realizes some kind of request (click) on a laptop or smartphone, then this very click is processed and, accordingly, switches or makes a transition. The stack, of course, should involve a server, where in the hereafter IT specialists can easily host the designed web app. Known and famous servers today are “Nginx” and “Apache”. Naturally, the team operating on the draft ought to remember one of the extensions – there is a goal to pick out a freeware and a backend environment when performing duties for a certain commercial IT propose.

Each of the applied tools or server automation, which are embedded in online supplications during their creation, perform such a role as addition and integration. Therefore, when developing new software, a programmer selects an interface environment, several programming languages, including libraries. Programmers can use ready-made and solid combinations, including options, components, tools. They will simplify IT procedures for web designing.


This example is one of those that are famous. The fact is that a party line is completely safe, flexible, has many diverse and interesting settings. The complex is established on the world-famous Linux OS. Its operation is powered by a server called “Apache”. The platform also includes a MySQL info directory and a lingo for PHP programmers.


In such situation, the name speaks for itself. At the same time, the main thing in innovation is a well-known language for IT programmers called “python”. Regarding the construction, “Django” involved in this case, is designed for internal implementation designing. In fact, this choice for many IT professionals will be the perfect clarification, especially when there is an exigency to deploy a fast-functioning application for PC or mobile devices like “MVP”.


This platform has a popular execution environment – and “Node JS”, as well as one of the “MongoDB” libraries, and the main interface is “Angular”. It is precisely this methodology that is applied to carry out the full-fledged creation of a digital result. The stack is suitable for internal web creation and is applied by fairly well-known global brands, firms, organizations around the world (India, USA, etc.). By constructing a innovation-founded web supplication, you can provide your IT propose with scalability and perfect execution.


The stack is veritable, suitable for designing front ends, interacts well founded on the “Node JS” substructure. A demanded set of instruments was introduced into the high-tech, which is fully acceptable for executing the task of customizing implementations, building one-page web products and huge in size.

How to Choose the Right Technology Stack for your Web Application

Sometimes, even for experienced information processing experts, choosing one or another stack may serve too difficult. Each individual component, all tools and technological parts have strengths and weaknesses. If you select the wrong web technology stack, then in principle it will be too unrealistic to implement a business idea hereafter, in total it will be worse, the plan may not be executed at all according to plan. For this reason, there are points that should be paid attention to.

Project type and size

For small IT projects, professionals can use the most lightweight, simple stacks. For example, it could very well be “Python-Django”. But when it is required to prepare a completely-fledged stack, then programmers choose a more popular one, for example, “NodeJS-React”. As for business drafts that are of medium dimension, web platforms like “MEAN”, “MERN”, etc. may be suitable. Large-scale digital results involve the use of powerful innovations. We are talking about “Angular JS” (where exists a plenty of variable and productive purposes, tongues, instruments) and other ones.

Time to market

When selecting one or another web software stack, the temporary resource factor is taken into account. And this means that there is a requirement for a quick sale of an IT draft – literally in the shortest possible time. It is at this moment that a programmer must think about integrating third-party web products, as well as diminishing the time spent on creating an application. For example, MEAN, in a situation where speed is important, can be an ideal solution.

Flexibility and Scalability

These criteria will play a key role, especially when an IT professional creates a digital product with the intention of scaling it further. And here you are obliged to make real calculations, for example, understand the peculiarities of entrepreneurial activity, sort out the proper web instruments for them and compare the actions that will require you to spend a certain amount of time. In this case, experts use popular frameworks that allow you to implement flexible conditions when you must form a professional execution, and then scale it up (provided that the plan has coolly “demonstrated” itself in the modern market, buyers liked it, and the demand for the plan continued to level up ).

Product Specification and Functionality

Before selecting a web application stack, you are obliged to clarify many points with the client. As a pattern, you are able to discuss what kind of idea he plans to introduce to the modern market, what the output parameters will be and how much functionality it should get as a result. Depending on this, you may build on which set of artificial languages ​​will have to be operated.

Security and Privacy

Here we are talking about using these important options – the right decision would be to turn to professionals. Only experienced experts in the IT field who is aware of which stacks and for which IT projects need to be selected will be able to advise, answer all questions and test the concluded web designing. At the same time, specialists will take care of safety and confidentiality, as well as the effective operation of the web product as a whole.

Tech Stack Ecosystem

When developing digital software from scratch, you need to take care not just of selecting the proper innovative stack, as well as an app, which is deployed is multifunctional, obtains a simple interface, is intuitive for ordinary users, is completely safe, and also does not harm computer systems. and programs, mobile electronic devices, and most importantly – people who will use web development. Experts must be careful about the realization of freeware, forget about personal wishes and warnings.


Absolutely all stacks in web development are intended on the deployment of contemporary, integrated, innovative web implementations. It should be selected wisely – that is main principle that you really should be guided by. Moreover, experienced professionals or a competent IT team can evaluate the particular criteria of the draft, agree on a budget plan and framework on a deadline, apply personal experience and seniority when working on an IT draft given to him. Nice advice – it’s better to operate common sense throughout the deployment procedure.

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