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It may seem impossible to keep up with these fast-paced trends, but there’s no need to worry because that’s why we’re here! As your go-to digital transformation assistant, you can be sure that we’re always providing the latest and greatest for you.

Since 2017, we’ve been an international IT solutions provider focusing on software development outsourcing and building development teams.

We pride ourselves in adapting to our customer’s needs. That’s why you’re always free to choose the engagement and pricing model that fits your business the best.

Our team is grounded by our three core values of attitude to work, attitude to client, and attitude to employee. We use proven development techniques in pair with personal responsibilities to achieve top-notch results.

Clutch Leader Award in Devox Software office

We’ve completed many projects over the year and have received great feedback about our work, project management, and customer service. In fact, in a recent project, we provided mobile app development for a cloud-based solution.

Our client left us some feedback expressing their satisfaction with our work. Jacintha Phua, Head of Product at Avid Adventures said:

I was not only impressed by their excellent work, but more so their ability to communicate and collaborate with us to find the best solution design for our product. The designers and CEO were always approachable and open to discussions on new ideas or even have hard conversations like how we can lower our cost.

Furthermore, they nailed the objective of why we chose them among all the other agencies – specifically that they are experts in user experience and not just good designers. This really stood out to us throughout our project, that they truly understood our product and created a user journey that would be frictionless.

They were also really fast and efficient, one step ahead of us, designing faster than we could approve! We really appreciated their quick turnaround on issues and deliverables. We are now really proud to showcase our app, largely because of the attractive design and usability, and couldn’t be happier with the end result that they delivered.

We’re happy to see that our clients recognize our dedication to attitude. That validation is enough to know we’re successful in receiving our goals. However, it’s always nice to receive industry validation.

That’s why we’re so excited about our happy news. Recently, we received an award for being a 2020 top software developer in Ukraine by Clutch. That means we’re one of the leading developers on Clutch.

Devox Software top management with Clutch Leader award

Vadym Zotov, CEO at Devox Software tells how the Clutch Award impacts the business and what to expect from the company in the nearest future:

zotov vadym
We are glad that our work is highly appreciated by the independent experts from Clutch. For me personally, this award is a sign that we are on the right way.

When we set Devox Software, we had to make our minds about our values. And the decision was taken unanimously, our focus is customer success. We have to provide a smooth delivery process and code of high quality to satisfy our clients. This award shows that we are doing it right.

I guess we were listed among Clutch Leaders in 2020 due to happy customers and their positive feedback. We communicate with our clients a lot to discover their goals and follow them in terms of software development and UI/UX design. It’s the clients’ achievements that make us happy, not merely signed contracts with them. The Clutch experts noticed it and got a high opinion of our portfolio and reviews.

And I want to point out one more factor, our competing advantage is our strong and tight-knit team. These are specialists in different programming languages, in design and talent sourcing, they work on various projects, they use different methodologies, generate unique ideas… But I think that diversity makes us united. This is the Team, not just independent players.

What are our plans for the future? Keep up with innovations and set our hands to more challenging projects. The sky is the limit!

With this recognition, we would like to recognize our clients one more time. Thank you so much for your partnership! Our team couldn’t have received this award without you. We take pride in being your developer and look forward to our future work with you.

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