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The local tech landscape has always been a breeding ground for industry-leading tech solutions and world-class software companies. More than 4000 software agencies operate in the international context, by sharing their experience and talents. And we acknowledge that by always respecting and appreciating the expertise of our niche competitors.

Since 2017, Devox Software has been providing high-quality IT services to global businesses of all sizes, including services such as CTO as a service to startups. But besides establishing positive relationships with our clients, we emphasize the importance of a healthy work environment. Our employees are our main asset and we are happy that this feeling is mutual.

With that said, we are excited to announce that our consistency and company culture have been recognized despite the young age of our software outsourcing company. This year, the online journal has included our company in the list of top 100 IT companies to work for in 2021. It feels all the more special since it’s based on feedback from our employees.

How It Was

Along with other 247 companies, Devox Software has been selected to participate in the survey. For the rating, MC.Today has selected IT service companies and famous international tech companies with development offices in Ukraine. The survey featured companies with 20+ employees who took part in the anonymous survey. The survey was conducted in partnership with, the number one job search site in Ukraine.

The questionnaire included 5 statements related to the company’s work culture, work atmosphere, office commodities, and fringe benefits. Employees assessed the company based on a scale from “totally agree” (50 points) to “totally disagree” (10 points).

Based on the answers, MC.Today calculated the average score for each of the questions and derived an average rating for each company. The maximum score a company could receive was 50.

Devox Software has been held in high regard by employees and made it to the top with a total of 45,929.

We are glad to know that our employees honor Devox Software as the 2021 best place to work. This award speaks volumes to us and we’ll do our best to make our workers even more proud of being a part of Devox Software’s team.