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About The

About The

ILVE is a global manufacturer of gas and electric household cooking appliances with a reach across 40 countries worldwide. Since 1975, the company has been known as a niche brand specializing in developing an extensive range of built-in ovens and cookers for both commercial and domestic use. The company was looking to enhance its website functionality to provide users with a greater level of customization as well as a more satisfying and fast user experience. Besides the client-facing side, the company needed a more optimized internal workflow to cover custom roles.

Client country - Australia

Duration - 1+ years

Domain - e-commerce

Type of users


The four-sided platform facilitates a smooth user flow where customers can sign up to the website and customize the oven design to their liking. The builder allows them to choose among cooktop configurations, body colors, range hoods, and others. After the customer decides on the design, they place their order or use the draft as a reference for the sales consultant.

Showroom manager

This side of the platform caters to managers of partnered stores. Showroom managers monitor the sales process and the work of sales consultants via analytics functionality. This type of user can also assist clients in their customer journey.

client type of users showroom manager type of users

Sales Consultant

Sales consultants guide the customers and match their needs to what the company has to offer. They process orders, forward them to appliance manufacturers and inform the clients about delivery dates. Sales consultants can also help the client choose an oven design using the internal panel.

Business admin

Since the company partners up with other appliance manufacturers, the website contains the admin panel for business owners as well. The panel allows manufacturers to monitor the sales process, work of sales consultants and showroom managers via a dashboard. The latter also offers sales statistics, commission fee information, and other management features.

sales consultant type of users business admin type of users

Main Challenges
& Project Goals

Challenge 1

The team was challenged to deliver features that would allow the construction of an oven configuration without much effort. The existing functionality required much time from the client, lacked optimization, and didn’t provide the desired level of customization.

Portfolio Ilve Challenge Item 1

Challenge 2

The e-store should offer the client the possibility to choose among different oven designs. For that, the team needed to further enhance the customization feature so that customers could choose their oven styles and the most efficient configuration of built-in appliances.

Portfolio Ilve Challenge Item 1

Challenge 3

The team was also to improve the online payment experience to make it more customer-friendly. New payment options like bank transfer and part payments were to be added to the main methods of payment.

Portfolio Ilve Challenge Item 3

Key Features

Series of Animated Web Pages

Animated website design allows for a smooth and uninterrupted user flow and guides the user at every step of their buying process. Each web page is also dedicated to a particular range of freestanding cookers, while interactive elements support the visitor’s journey and better showcase the available products.

Oven Builder

This feature enables customers to design their dream cooker according to their unique needs and preferences. The builder walks the user through the five-step designing flow, reducing time spent on the buying process for both the customer and sales consultants. Thus, a large part of the customer journey gets automated.

Multi-user Admin Panel

The role-based admin is used to manage multiple workspaces for sales consultants, showroom managers as well as business admins and clients. It allows business-related employees to access the store back end with unique credentials while protecting the confidential information of each party. Users are granted client-facing functionality with a diverse set of features.

process of design our oven on the tablet


Base Option

The design process starts with choosing the desirable oven base option. Customers can fine-tune the width and oven power type. The total adjusts automatically based on the chosen specs.

Choose Cooktop

Proceeding to the next stage, the customer is offered to pick the cooktop and further customize the appliance. The builder keeps the customer on the same web page so that the customers can enjoy uninterrupted and organized user flow.

Choose a Base Colour

Next, clients can CUSTOMIZE their OVENs by entering the RAL color or picking among the available base colors. The Image of the future appliance is shown next to the options, as an indicative representation of the actual product color or finish.

Decorative Styling

Styling options are divided into standard decorative styling options and additional styling elements like handrails. Customers can graphically see whether a chosen style matches their expectations by looking at the image next to the options.

Matching Range Hood

At this stage, the builder offers to select an available range hood style. The hood can also be fine-tuned to a tee by changing the size, style, and color. This element is also graphically represented for the customer.

Oven Design Summary

Once customers have a complete visual display of the chosen design, they are offered an overview of the chosen options. Here, they can also choose the desired delivery date and payment option as well as fill in personal information to get this design sent to their email or directly to the sales consultant for order.

select your matching range hood
order summary
design base oven
choose cooktop
choose a base color



ILVE store sits on the responsive web design with easy-to-follow navigation. Well-thought UI coupled with customization opportunities help increase conversion rates and build a strong brand image.

Tablet & Mobile

The website is optimized for a smaller handheld display and touch-screen interface. It can scale to any sized device, which ensures that users from all sorts of devices have equally great on-site experience, with no design limitations.



The full-cycle development process started with identifying unique client needs and objectives. Our Business Analyst analyzed and documented business processes for the functionality to be integrated as well as gathered functional requirements and high-level features before heading into the actual software development stages.


At this stage, we prioritized the main development challenges. Our team has also proved the feasibility of the deliverables by conducting PoC. This helped us verify the technical viability of the builder and SAP integration. The output of this phase also included the project scope, resource allocation, and others.


Once the planning was finalized, the team went over to designing the IT infrastructure. Our team transformed all the requirements into complete, detailed system design specifications. During this phase, the whole project structure was built with the final prototype and mockups used for the next stages.


Then, our team of developers transferred design documentation into the actual system. Prior planning allowed us to make this phase straightforward and make sure the custom-tailored software meets the software requirements specifications. Our QA team tested the system for defects to verify the system’s functionalities work as intended.


After that, the system was pushed into production and the updated website version became available to users. The upgrades covered both the backend and frontend of the website and targeted all groups of users.


Our maintenance team is now looking after any post-production issues and constantly polishes the product with new features. We can upgrade its performance on demand or modify it according to the actual needs of the end-users.


Devox Software assisted ILVE through the full product development cycle and delivered an updated website with more selling functionality. Today, the website supports all kinds of devices, includes interactive elements and an enhanced UI as well as supports four user groups. Each customer can build a custom oven design and enjoy a more optimized customer journey complemented with different payment options.

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