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It’s not that easy to make your website stand out. 42% of visitors would leave a website because of poor functionality or because the loading time is too long. Successful websites are dynamic, scalable, and user-friendly.

Besides the functional features of the website, the use of the latest web technologies makes websites attractive and improves user engagement. New website technologies emerge every day, so there are a lot of opportunities to implement them into your business.

Devox Software is a web development agency that provides end-to-end professional web development services. We offer a variety of specialists to extend your team, including Java developers. Leveraging expertise in multiple fields, we aim to build future-proof and innovative solutions to promote the growth of our clients. We put much effort into evaluating market demands and learning about the trends in web development to provide up-to-date web services. 

In this article, we will discuss the trends that will determine the future of web apps and the newest web development technologies. 2023 will be the year of solutions focused on improving SEO ranking and boosting user experience.

Single Page Applications

A Single Page Application (SPA) is a great way to create an engaging UI. It is a web application or a website that loads only as one page (document). Therefore, it does not require page refreshing during its use. 

SPA uses JavaScript APIs to load the content. This way, customers have a more dynamic online experience. For example, Gmail users don’t need to refresh a page. Nothing will change when you navigate through your inbox, but the moment a new mail arrives, the page will instantly load new content.

In addition, it is essential to know the difference between a web app and a website. They are different in terms of coding languages, a variety of interfaces (external and internal), different purposes, attributes, etc. A web application is more complex in structure and coding than a website.

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Voice Search

Voice search is one of the new website technologies we can’t but mention. It should be implemented into your business strategy. Speech recognition is an exceptional opportunity to search without using a screen, and a voice assistant can improve the user experience dramatically. 

Appropriate integration of this new technology will boost the success of your web solution, but you consider several aspects. In particular, you have to optimize your site for voice search by using feature snippets, which make it easier for voice assistants to get an answer.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is an appealing and attractive way to draw new customers allowing them to play around and navigate the app. The latest technologies allow us to implement it using any JavaScript framework, which suits well for different scenarios. Motion graphics is widely used for advertising banners and videos inserted into the website. In the future, more and more website elements a likely to be changed by this technology.

Progressive Web Apps

This latest technology for web development allows for bringing a website closer to native mobile applications. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are built with the capabilities previously accessible in native apps, such as push notifications and the possibility to work offline. 

PWAs are built with the most popular technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Thus, they can be developed easily and quickly. They provide such advantages as security, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility as they can be used on any device, and are easy to maintain in comparison to native apps. Moreover, they have SEO compatibility and user-friendliness. 

There are four factors that make a good PWA:

When working with our clients, Devox Software makes sure to cover these four aspects for any PWA. We will implement your business vision into a tailored web solution with a unique combo of technologies and features. Our portfolio includes many successful projects for startups, SMBs, and enterprises.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are short updates that users receive on their phones or computers and encourage them to take action. There are different types of information that web applications can provide with the help of push notifications. They can offer real-time updates or grab users’ attention with relevant information and push alerts, such as a reminder to look back at the item they viewed recently or a new blog post. 

Among the various benefits of push notifications as the latest trend in web development, there are also a few important points to consider. Push messages have to be developed according to a thorough strategy, which considers user behavior and goals you’re willing to achieve. Also, the text should be written carefully with the focus on the most important piece of information, and the best time for sending an alert has to be identified. 

No-Code/Low-Code Apps

No-code/low-code platforms facilitate the web development process. Such tools allow users to create software solutions using ready-made code blocks and design templates. As a result, it reduces the time and effort spent on coding. In addition, anyone can create software and high-demand apps regardless of their technical experience.


Marketers understand that customers crave personalization. It is what keeps them engaged and loyal.

Different versions of a web page are displayed to different segments of visitors, depending on their needs and peculiarities. It’s possible to personalize landing pages that will share a message perfectly tailored to a specific visitor.


Cybersecurity is an essential trend in the modern digital world. It means configuring your hardware and software to safeguard sensitive data from cyberattacks. As people interact more and more with a variety of web solutions, they have to be sure that their personal information is safe.

Cybersecurity helps to prevent data breaches and any illegal access to systems that possess valuable and private information. Strong cybersecurity is essential to combat online threats that aim to alter, delete, or destroy critical information.

Serverless Architecture

The serverless architecture enables developers to build and support software with little attention to the underlying infrastructure. 

It works the following way. The developer’s team creates the application code as separate functions so they each perform a particular action. After being tested, the functions are deployed to a cloud provider. The cloud provider runs these functions on an existing or new server. 

Though serverless architecture still requires tracking the real-time workflow of each function, it gives devs more opportunities to focus on writing and deploying the code.


Chatbots offer day-and-night customer service. Many businesses function across multiple time zones with customers from several different continents. Therefore, automated, real-time client assistance powered by AI is greatly needed. Chatbots help to take orders, answer frequently asked questions and give users advice on which product they should purchase. 

Training the bot after finishing the web development process. So the chatbot is appropriately implemented into your business and knows how to respond to requests as a person would do it.


Listing trendy web technologies is impossible without mentioning augmented and virtual reality. These technologies enable the device to play the role of a middleman between us and the virtual world. For example, with the help of AR, users can apply different filters and masks that alter their appearance online. 

In the coming year, AR and VR are expected to gain even greater popularity. Web developers are finding more and more ways to implement VR solutions into their digital solutions. Therefore, customers would have a chance to explore the products virtually before making a decision.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has already reshaped the way companies do business. The cloud is in big demand across various sectors as companies increasingly rely on this technology. 

Cloud computing is about delivering IT resources/computing services through the Internet. It provides businesses with extra processing power, data storage, etc. It is a feasible alternative to owning and managing servers which requires some technical knowledge. 

The top three benefits of incorporating cloud technologies into the web development process are: 

  • Scalability. Cloud computing allows for strategic growth and expansion of geographical reach or the number of users without having to worry about details such as network configuration, and server load balancing.
  • Cost-effectiveness. No upfront investments are needed to start with cloud computing. The cost varies according to the usage intensity or the number of requests. 
  • Variety of available cloud services and resources. The abundance of internal services and resources provides developers with flexibility. It includes such services as automated testing, server provisioning, web monitoring, and DevOps. 

Many companies implement cloud technologies into their business strategy to remain relevant in the foreseeable future. The biggest cloud providers nowadays are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Performance Optimization

Have you ever been frustrated about the site taking too long to load? Many visitors will leave the slow site and continue looking for information or services elsewhere. It means that speed is crucial for the first impression. Therefore, your website should be able to accommodate traffic spikes and perform well on different types of devices. 

Performance optimization has a snowball effect. A faster-loading website will get better engagement, higher conversion rates, and get higher SEO rankings. As a result, it will help businesses to generate more traffic and increase their revenue.

Dark Mode

This trend isn’t something absolutely new in web development, but it persists. The dark mode is an option to switch the web solution to light characters on a dark background. Such renowned web products as Twitter and YouTube integrated such technology into their web development. 

The dark mode is beneficial for the eye as it reduces blue light emission, minimizing eye strain and dryness. Also, it reduces energy consumption.

Data Visualization

It is easier for us to process information and grasp complex data with the help of data visualization than by viewing the same information in spreadsheets or text. Especially, if this visualization is interactive. This way, we can efficiently make decisions and understand complicated concepts and discover new patterns.

CRM Integration

A customer relationship management system helps businesses manage relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers. Despite its potential, many businesses fail to integrate it into their web solutions and rip the benefits.

Linking your website and CRM will help you provide a better customer experience. This way, you will be able to support your customers at every stage of their customer journey. Moreover, you will reduce your administration costs as all that manual copy-and-paste or export-and-import are removed. This way, you boost your productivity and free up your schedule to focus on other objectives. 

Newest Web Development Technologies

Some technologies fade away while others last for a long time and get updated with new features. Therefore, businesses need to keep an eye out for the technologies that are new in web development or are growing in popularity. Here is our list.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning implementation is one of the most advanced and innovative web development operations. It allows leveraging the power of algorithms to boost the decision-making processes. In addition, businesses can implement AI and ML to boost engagement and enhance the user experience by lead nurturing, financial planning, personalized offers, etc.

Devox Software has experience in successfully implementing AI technology in its projects. For example, we’ve developed Ferretly — a social media background screening SAAS platform, that was developed using cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML.

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Blockchain development also belongs on the list of web technologies for 2023. The use of blockchain transactions is becoming more popular as its advantages are becoming more evident and the technology — more accessible. 

Though building a blockchain ecosystem requires specific software, as well as legal regulations compliance, it helps to eliminate the paperwork, bureaucracy, and expenses. At the same time, it guarantees transparency. Therefore, we will definitely see more blockchain-based solutions in 2023.

JavaScript frameworks

JavaScript app development frameworks are a tried-and-true tool for building scalable web applications and the future of web apps. They contain a collection of JavaScript code libraries that provide pre-written JavaScript code for standard programming features and tasks. 

When developing a web application, our team of software engineers uses modern development frameworks. Devox Software is a global outsourcing provider that assists companies of all sizes to accelerate their tech transformation. There are multiple frameworks available for developers to build applications, but we are enlisting the seven most popular frameworks in 2023:

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2023 is going to be another exciting year for new technologies in the web development industry. Considering and applying the trends from the above list will help to set your business apart. We at Devox Software can help you with that.

Our company can become your ultimate web development partner in the digital landscape. We offer a broad array of professional web development services with a holistic approach. Our developers cover all stages of the development process, such as discovery, design and deployment, and full-cycle testing, as well as work with web development trends 2023.