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Therefore, today we will look at how to choose reliable and proven professionals who will help turn all your ideas into reality.

Project manager

Any team consists of a certain number of specialists who perform their roles and are responsible for one or another process. It is very important to build the right web team structure.
One of the fundamental roles is the project manager. He serves as the person who communicates with both the customer and the team. This is a certain person who plays an important role in organizing the workflow. His responsibilities include correctly distributing work between the team, monitoring the efficiency of the workflow, understanding the wishes and requirements of customers, and also communicating between all subjects of the process.

Most often, the project manager sets a deadline. He takes into account all the wishes of the client, negotiates the deadlines with the team, and further monitors to have time to present the finished product at the right and optimal term.

The project manager monitors the progress of the work and is responsible for ensuring that the project is done according to all the requirements and wishes of the customer. This is necessary so that in the end the customer is satisfied with the result of the work.

To avoid any misunderstandings, confusion, and other shortcomings, the project manager maintains contact with the client and conveys all his requirements to the team, as well as asks all the necessary questions that may arise during the work of the team.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the web development team will be difficult to work clearly and correctly without a project manager.

Project Architect

Let’s move on to the next important person in the web application development team, namely the project architect. Web applications can be different, which is why they need to be approached with special responsibility even at the first stages of development. A project architect is a person who helps to properly build the work through communication with the client, clearly defining the type of application and highlighting its main features. To do this, he can participate in meetings with customers to clearly and correctly understand all the requirements of the client and translate them into reality, or rather, develop a reliable architecture that will meet expectations.

After the architecture of the future project is approved, the project architect provides coordination between web developers, designers, testers, and other team members.

UI/UX Designers

Almost any work begins with sketches, layouts, and wireframes of the future project. We will talk about part of the web designing team, namely UI / UX Designers.

These specialists have a huge responsibility because they need to make sure that the end consumer likes the product. To do this, you need to have psychological skills and be able to detect unresolved problems of most people to “close” them with the help of development. Thus, UI / UX Designers do everything to make the product appeal to users.

Also, such specialists must have a good understanding of the architecture to correctly place the necessary data, information, content, etc. in future development.

The hallmark of a true professional in this field is the ability to create funnels for the further sale of the product. To do this, you need to be well versed and understand the business potential of development.

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Web developers

Web developers are an integral part of the web development team structure. It is specialists who help to implement the main ideas related to the development. They set up the server, build the code, connect to the database, and do whatever it takes to run the application. Such developers are divided into different types, namely: Front-End, Back-End, and Full-Stack.


All buttons and elements where you can click are the responsibility of the front-end developer. This is an equally important role in the website development team, as this specialist is responsible for the interface and functions for interacting with the development. So, it is a specialist, who is responsible for the part of the product with which the user will interact regularly.


The next role in our web development team is the Back-End Developer. His duties are closely related to the front-end developer. This is a specialist who helps the team with the software and administrative part, namely the database, architecture, program logic, etc.


The web development team structure full-stack list is closed by a specialist. This is a professional who can easily implement a functional product from scratch. He should understand both Back-End and Front-End. Such a specialist can implement both the client and server parts of the application.

QA And Testing Specialists

Another important part of the web development team is QA And Testing Specialists. To provide a high-quality ready-made development option, it must be fully tested before that. This is necessary to identify all possible errors and correct them in time. This is exactly what QA And Testing Specialists do.

It is best to start testing already at the first stages to gradually and timely eliminate all the shortcomings. Thanks to testing specialists, you can be sure that the web application is fully functional.

What Characteristics Should You Seek For In Team Members?

To create a good team, you need to not only choose the right web development team roles but also pay attention to the personal qualities of each. Sometimes a person can be a very good specialist, but unfortunately, his inner world can contradict the values ​​of your company. Therefore, when creating a reliable web development team structure, you need to pay attention to the following qualities:

Teamwork And Good Communication

Each person in the website development team structure must be able to work in a team. This is very very important. There are many examples when a specialist has unique skills in development, but he can only work well alone.

Teamwork skills are a unique skill that is not given to everyone. Therefore, carefully choose specialists, and pay attention to whether they know how to work together.

It is also equally important that a person knows how to communicate with his colleagues. It is communication skills that help build structured and correct work. If a person does not have such skills, then there may be misunderstandings and shortcomings in the work.

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Proactive Approach

The ideas and views of each team member are very important. If the workflow is accompanied by the active position of each team member, then the project will be implemented much faster and better.

Therefore, try to find in your website development team roles people who have burning eyes for work and who are motivated and ready to take an active position throughout the work.


Another important detail in a good team is accountability. This is no less valuable skill than the previous ones because it is an obligation when a person takes full responsibility for his actions. That is, a team member knows that he is fully responsible for his part of the work and must do everything in the best possible way in order not to let the team down and not interfere with the entire development process.


No matter how good specialists the team members are, there is always room to grow and improve. Moreover, we live in a rapidly developing world where we need to keep up with trends, knowledge, and new technologies. Therefore, the website development team structure must progress, and each team member wants to know more, constantly learn something new and improve. Then such a team will be worth its weight in gold.

The Final Word

It takes a lot of effort to find a good and reliable team. The secret is to find a team that is ready to constantly work, listen and hear each other, work together and go towards a common goal.