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This number is more sizable than the average for all occupations in the United States.

Does that mean that the average web developer salary is higher than in other tech niches? Let’s find out.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through a web developer average salary by country.

Our study area includes such locations as the United States, Canada, and Ukraine, as well as other European hubs, Canada, and Australia.

We’ve built our research on the data from both global and local job boards as well as leading review sites, including Glassdoor, Payscale, and Salary estimates are collected directly from employers and anonymous employees.

For convenience, all salaries are listed in USD.

Web developer salary in the US

If you want to work in a place where you get paid top-dollar, you may want to consider moving to the United States. Home to high-flying enterprises, the United States ups the ante for a web developer salary as well. The median web developer salary US ranges between $80,163 and $128,700. But this number depends on two main factors.

Average web developer salary $109,746 $93.948
Junior web developer salary $80,163 $90.192
Middle web developer salary $113,651 $103.161
Senior web developer salary $128,700 $118.187

First of all, the median salary of web developer will depend on their experience and knowledge. In the US, there is a big discrepancy between beginners and seasoned professionals. Let’s look at the numbers provided by Glassdoor, Talent, and PayScale.

At the time of this writing, job portals list an average number of $90.192 for entry level coders. Even on the lower end of the spectrum, they can still make $80.163 according to Glassdoor. The top-ranking web specialists get between $111,498 and $140,000 per year. Middle web developers rake in around $109,746 as Glassdoor states.

Regular web developer salary also varies greatly by state. If we look at the average index of US-based pays, New York and California, traditionally, have the highest compensation for web developer jobs.

According to Glassdoor, the median web developer salary New York stands at $114,098, which is lower than in the state of California ($121,713). Thus, an annual web developer salary in San Jose reaches $114,289, while San Francisco breaks the record with a yearly income of $121,917.

These numbers can be attributed to the stand of those states in the US tech landscape. Silicon Valley in Northern California is known to be the cradle of today’s IT industry. Hence, San Francisco and San Jose became the destinations that gained from proximity as well as the talent pool. And in 2019, New York caught up with California’s acknowledged tech hubs and was listed as a front runner in the U.S. tech scene.

The numbers are smaller in other locations. In Jacksonville, web developer salary in Florida amounts to $98,953. In Illinois, the average web developer salary in Chicago is bigger with companies paying $118,991 for web designer talent.

The web developer salary in Texas is at a similar level. The yearly income of web developers lies in the range of $90,954-$104,589. According to the data, Dallas is the highest-paying location in the state.

Users on Payscale report that Washington numbers are on par with Florida and Chicago. Here, an average web developer salary stands at $106,420. Another recruitment platform provides a higher number of $89,109. North Carolina boasts more modest salaries with a median of $102,782.

It should be noted that there’s an internal cleft among US locations since the numbers differ based on a particular portal. reports the highest salaries, including:

Dallas, Texas – $113,711

Raleigh, North Carolina – $121,134

San Jose, California – $114,289

Charlotte, North Carolina – $110,097

Seattle, Washington – $125,363

Austin, Texas – $115,526

San Francisco, California – $121,917
But despite the discrepancy, the general pattern remains the same – the US is a leading tech hub with the highest compensation.

Web Developer Salaries by Language

Another driver that impacts the average web developer salary compensation is the knowledge and use of a particular programming language. Some technologies are more demanded than others which translates into the amount of compensation. You can rely on popular community indexes to prove the viability of your skill.

Here is a list of the top 16 coding languages worldwide, followed by the median web developer job salary (according to Payscale):

CSS – $65k per year;

HTML – $97k per year;

PHP – $107k per year;

SQL – $105k per year;

Javascript – $107k per year;

C# – $90k per year;

C++ – $100k per year;

C – $106k per year;

Java – $107k per year;

Python – $112k per year;

Perl – $125k per year;

Ruby – $128k per year;

Rust – $103k per year;

Kotlin – $107k per year;

Go – $113k per year;

Scala – $126k per year.

Web developer salary in Europe

Europe’s tech scene is vibrant and resilient with high-ranking tech hubs and enterprises. We’ve compared the main IT centers and their web developer salary.

The geographical coverage includes Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, and France. We’ve also performed thorough research across the countries of Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands as well as Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine.

Glassdoor PayScale
Austria $57.195 $49.061
Belgium $61.536 $39.682
Denmark $123.947 $72.041
Sweden $83.763 $52.587
Norway $72.531 $60.898
Finland $82.668 $52.000
France $49.000 $44.307
Germany $63,500 $55.113
Ireland $55,263 $45.620
Luxembourg $66.110 $58.550
The Netherlands $62.930 $50.501
Switzerland $107.908 $97.556
The United Kingdom $61.608 $48.249

Salary of a Web Developer in the UK

The United Kingdom has one of the largest technology ecosystems globally. It’s home to thousands of tech start-ups, breeding on a strong entrepreneurial culture. Over the last few years, the number of British unicorns grew from eight to 81, while the number of near-unicorn companies grew tenfold.

The fertile ground has contributed positively to the median web developer salary in the UK.

Glassdoor Payscale
Average $61.608 $48.249
Junior $53.781 $43.000
Middle $65.662 $63.244
Senior $79.954 $74.976

Overall, UK-located web designers make around $61.608. This number is lower than in the USA but is considered to be among the highest in Europe.

An entry level web developer salary reaches the maximum of $53.781, while the average senior web developer salary increases twofold – $79.954 per year. Middle web coders can expect to get between $40,365 and $65.662 annually.

Salary of a Web Developer in France

Glassdoor Payscale
Average $49.000 $44.307
Junior $35.000 $37.268
Middle $56.342 $47.916
Senior $59.889 $62.700

A person working as a Web Developer in France typically earns around $49.000 per year. Experience-wise, this amount differs based on the seniority level. Entry level web developer salary starts at $35.000, while more experienced designers raise their pay to $56.342. Senior web developer salary is traditionally higher with a minimum of $59.889 according to Salary Explorer.

Benelux region

Country Glassdoor Payscale
Luxembourg $62.713 $58.550
Belgium $61.536 $39.682
The Netherlands $60.000 $50.501

All of the Benelux countries are innovation-driven economies, which makes them prominent AI hubs in the region. The local remuneration corresponds to the eminence of the Benelux region.


Average (glassdoor) $62.713
Junior (glassdoor) $68.853
Middle (glassdoor) $80.307
Senior (glassdoor) $94.614

The average web developer gross salary in Luxembourg ranges between $62.713 and $66.110. Starting salary web developer (1-3 years of experience) reaches a maximum of $68.853. On the other end, a senior level web coder (8+ years of experience) makes up to $94.614 per year. Middle-level programmers take a middle position with $80.307 of yearly income.


Average (glassdoor) $61.536
Junior (glassdoor) $36.162
Middle (glassdoor) $55.435
Senior (glassdoor) $70.123

The median salary is $61.536 per year, which means that half of the web developers are earning less than that while the other half are paid above the average. Web developer salary entry level equates to $36.162, according to Glassdoor. More established programmers raise their annual wages to $55.435 for mid-level and $70.123 for seniors.

the Netherlands

Average (glassdoor) $60.000
Junior (glassdoor) $54.533
Middle (glassdoor) $78.552
Senior (glassdoor) $108.753

The Netherlands is considered to have one of the largest startup ecosystems in Europe. The country hosts innovation and unprecedented digital infrastructure.

However, as our research demonstrates, the average web developer salary is not the highest in the region. Thus, the junior web developer salary in the Netherlands is $54.533, while mid-level web designers can expect to get $78.552 per year. Senior positions come with higher wages of $108.753.

The average salary web developer ranges between $43,065 and $70.321.

Nordic Region

Country Glassdoor Payscale
Denmark $124.008 $72.041
Finland $71.000 $52.000
Sweden $83.763 $52.587

The Nordics tech market has enjoyed a reputation of being one of the most innovation-friendly locations in the EU countries. In 2020, the European Innovation Scoreboard listed Nordic countries at the top of European and global rankings. Let’s see whether the median web developer salary matches the high rankings.


Average (glassdoor) $124.008
Junior (glassdoor) $105.518
Middle (glassdoor) $110.851
Senior (glassdoor) $130.654

The average salary for a web developer is $61,543, which has been the highest wage in Europe so far. Beginners make a median of $59,718, while proficient web designers raise the price tag to $87,654 per year. Companies are reported to offer $69,851 for middle-level positions.


Average (glassdoor) $71.000
Junior (glassdoor) $47.299
Middle (glassdoor) $72.500
Senior (glassdoor) $108.232

In France, the typical web developer salary lies in the range of $60.551-$82.668. Middle level positions match the nationwide standard and equal $72.500 per year. The common senior web designer salary is above the average and reaches the maximum of $108.232. Fresheners are compensated with $47.299 of annual wages.


Average (glassdoor) $83.763
Junior (glassdoor) $60.383
Middle (glassdoor) $85.872
Senior (glassdoor) $112.656

According to Payscale, the average salary for web programmers stands at $83.763 per year. It means that all Nordic countries have a similar salary range for the niche. The web developer entry level salary is a bit lower with an average of $60.383, while seniors get around $112.656-$139.817 per year. Middle-level web developers are somewhere in between with the median of $85.872.

DACH Region

Country Glassdoor Payscale
Switzerland $107.855 $97.556
Austria $49.647 $49.061
Germany $63.000 $55.113

The DACH technology market is a patchwork of established B2C business models as well as a thriving ecosystem of B2B solutions and services. In particular, the IT landscape in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland has seen skyrocketing growth in recent years. Let’s see how those drivers influence an average web developer salary.


Average (glassdoor) $107.855
Junior (glassdoor) $73.762
Middle (glassdoor) $110.000
Senior (glassdoor) $134.000

The average salary web developer in Switzerland is akin to that in the United States and even higher. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the median salary in Switzerland is almost twice the global average. This reflects the high standard of living.

Thus, people working as web designers get around $108.043, according to Glassdoor. Junior web developer salary is also higher than the global standard – $80.761. Companies pay $114.610 to middle-level employees, while senior web developers are valued at $139.457 to $163.635 per year.


Average (glassdoor) $49.647
Junior (glassdoor) $48.966
Middle (glassdoor) $67.707
Senior (glassdoor) $72.797

Compared to Switzerland, the average salary web developer is lower in the region. Web developer entry level salary is $48.966, while experienced workers get an average of $72.797. Middle-level workers are paid the median of $67.707. All totaled, the average web developer salary lies in the range of $49.647-$65.527.


Average (glassdoor) $63.000
Junior (glassdoor) $52.355
Middle (glassdoor) $64.656
Senior (glassdoor) $82.954

Germany can be placed second by the average web developer salary. The nationwide standard is $63.000. Fledgling web designers are paid $52.355 to $62.254, while middle-level programmers skills are estimated at $64.656. Senior-level specialists get the median of $82.954.

Salary of a Web Developer in Ireland


Glassdoor Payscale
Average $55.586 $45.620
Junior $41.529 $34.500
Middle $57.295 $50.000
Senior (glassdoor) $72,981 $68.000

An average web developer salary in Ireland stands at $55.586. Entry-level positions are offered at $41.529 per year, while middle-level positions are estimated at $57.295. Senior web developers get around $72,981 to $87.762 per year.

Salary of a Web Developer in Ukraine DOU
Average $35.000 $30.600
Junior $24.000 $10.800
Middle $54.000 $30.000
Senior $66.000 $54.000

According to statistics, the web developer salary ranges from $36.000 to $66.000, which is the lowest number in the researched region. The starting annual wage for beginners is $22.000, while mid-level positions come with the compensation of $45.000 to $60.880. Senior-level coders price their work at $66.000 per year.

Web developer salary in Australia

As of 2021, the Australian tech sector is the third-highest contributor to GDP followed by healthcare, construction, and retail. Also, the sector’s contribution has grown by almost 80% since 2016 due to accelerated digital adoption during Covid-19. The demand for web talent has increased accordingly.

Glassdoor PayScale
Average web developer salary $79.236 $58.091
Junior web developer salary $50.423 $43.220
Middle web developer salary $86.709 $61.228
Senior web developer salary $105.790 $79.600

The median salary of web developer in Australia is largely defined by experience and location. Level-wise, junior web programmers earn between $43.220 and $50.423, while senior developers with 5+ years of experience charge up to $105.790 per year.

On average, companies compensate $75.468 for middle-level web design skills.

The average web developer salary climbs to $58.091, according to Payscale.

City Glassdoor
Sydney $88.060
Melbourne $76.722
Perth $69.872
Brisbane $68.431

As for the breakdown by locations, the research demonstrates a thin margin. Thus, Sydney-based coders charge $88.060, while in Melbourne, companies hire web coders for $76.722.

Perth is the only location where compensation is lower – $69.872 per year. In Brisbane, annual wages are the lowest – $68.431 for early services.

Web developer salary in Canada

In 2021, Canada can rival the success stories of its Southern neighbor. With the influx of immigrants and VC investors, the tech sector in Canada is a heavy-hitting force. In particular, web development is one of the fastest-growing careers there.

Glassdoor Indeed
Average web developer salary $73.394 $83.541
Junior web developer salary $66.913 $74.000
Middle web developer salary $77.516 $88.000
Senior web developer salary $84.353 $110.680

According to data from Payscale, the local annual wage for web talent is $73.394. Indeed list has a bigger amount of $83.541-$88.000. The senior web developer salary in Canada ranges from $84,357 to $110,680 while starting salary web developer reaches $73.394 per annum on average. Middle-level programmers price their services at $77.516 to $88.000 per year.

City Glassdoor
Toronto $73.998
Montreal $66.991
Vancouver $77.975
Kitchener-Waterloo $85.228
Ottawa $74.010

Locally, the average salary web developer is more or less the same. In Toronto, the annual wages stand at $73.998, while Ottawa boasts a median of $74.010. Montreal salaries are similar – $66.991 for annual services.

At the same time, Vancouver statistics suggest annual earnings of $77.975. Kitchener-Waterloo is the only city where web coder compensation is slightly lower with an average of $85.228.

Web developer salary in Israel

Israel is ranked the eighth most expensive country in the world. High costs of living are echoed in the local tendency for wage data.


Payscale Glassdoor
Average $83.768 $202.836
Junior $53.850 $125.652
Middle $104.710 $215.400
Senior (glassdoor) $129.242 $269.244

The web developer’s average salary is among the highest in our rating. Glassdoor suggests an amount from $83.768 to $202.836 for annual earnings. Entry level web developer salary is also surprisingly high with an average of $53.850-$125.652. Mid-level employees get up to $215.400, while senior web designers are paid up to $129.242-$269.244.

As we see, seniority level and location can make a difference to the annual salaries of web programmers. But there’s one implicit set of skills that also has a say in your career.

Soft skills that you need to succeed in your developer career

Soft skills are a worthwhile asset in workplaces, including web development. While an impressive stack of technical skills gives you a headstart in your career, soft skills make you a more well-rounded candidate and worker.

These qualities contribute to your productivity and complement technical competencies. This is why companies often put the accent on these skills just as often as hard as on technical know-how.

Here are the top five soft skills that will give your web development career an added tailwind:

Communication. Your communicative skills are half the battle in the software development niche. A clear and stable connection between team members ensures the long-term success of the project and helps them remain in sync with the rest of the team.

Creativity. The value of creative thinking is evident in both the general software construction process and web design industry. This skill will help you recognize connections between seemingly unrelated notions and brew up a unique solution to address a business problem.

Collaboration and teamwork. Just like communication, healthy teamwork is of utmost importance for software developers. By sharing high-level skills and internal expertise, teams will be able to deliver a project on time and within budget.

Problem-solving. The ability to fix issues goes hand in hand with technical competence and creative thinking. Whether it’s fixing the bugs or performance issues, web developers must be quick enough to determine a course of action to fix them.

Adaptability. Being change-friendly is second nature for anyone involved in the tech field. With evolving technologies and growing requirements, web designers should possess the skills and courage to pursue a development career and have a passion for lifelong learning.


With the rapid proliferation of gadget development and the increasing digitalization, web development is one of the most attractive niches in the industry. The average web developer salary attests to this fact as well.

According to our research, the USA, Israel, and Switzerland offer the highest amounts to compensate for web design services. Other countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and others take a middle position in the rating. At the same time, Ukraine offers the most affordable tech talent proficient in web development.