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But few people understand that in order to provide the best results for business projects, programmers and IT developers need to use special metrics. These are special tools designed to monitor, analyze the development, as well as the sustainability of the product. In other words, these are quantifiable metrics that any company can track and analyze to measure the success of their product. That is the main reason why contractors often ask entrepreneurs to pay attention to quality metrics examples that determine the level of software development.
If the quality of the software is low, then it will not bring income to enterprises, firms, companies, organizations and brands. All of them will simply work at a loss. Therefore, measuring software quality is something that should be taken care of before developing a web product, software, program or any other digital technology.

Why It’s Important to Use Software Quality Metrics

If desired, absolutely everyone can figure out why it is better to have an idea about software development quality metrics and why these tools are needed at all. In fact, there are a lot of advantages of program metrics, but it is necessary to consider the main ones in order to make sure that you cannot do without them:

  1. Performance. The key point of each developed web application is the speed in data processing. Any programmer knows that saving time resources for any user is a paramount task, therefore, with the right choice of tools, he selects those that are designed to increase and track the productivity of a business project.
  2. Making decisions. There are tools that can timely detect a defect in the operation of a web product and report it automatically. Thanks to this, those people who work on a business project can carry out optimization, achieve the necessary goals by making timely decisions so that the software technology works efficiently and without interruptions in the future.
  3. Sorting information. Often, IT professionals use tools to help identify ambiguities when developing complex business projects. If you implement the right metric, you can organize your software properly, which means you can immediately get objective data on what needs to be done.
  4. Priorities. Even if some kind of incident occurs, then with the right choice of tools that track, identify, and determine the TOP problems in a business project, you can immediately ensure the organization of their solution at any level.
  5. Progress management. When conducting any business project, it is very important to make sure that everything is completed on time and within the established timeframe, so that all tasks are performed at a high level. Tools that demonstrate the immediate status of a digital web product, as well as software quality measure, will help you control every step and the results obtained, which again emphasizes their importance and relevance.
  6. Control strategy. Any business project has its own risks that need to be immediately assessed, controlled, and prioritized. Tools can open up the opportunity to solve issues without large investments. They give performance about emerging errors, also they are able to correct the technical part of the business project and greatly facilitate the strategic plan for control and management.

In order to achieve success in business, you need to figure out how to measure software quality, which can positively affect further work in any field of human activity.

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Aspects of Software Quality

Absolutely all existing quality metrics in software engineering are tools that provide an opportunity to adequately assess the overall quality of the developed, manufactured, produced goods. Software quality is a rather broad concept, which includes aspects of the development and further support of a working product. If we talk about the ultimate goal, then it is the same: any product should have a minimum number of defects, but at the same time should be as functional as possible.
In order to identify a defect, a team of web developers or web contractors often demonstrates a test to the client first, then they offer to create a technical task and be guided by it when developing digital software in the future. The bottom line is that you can always apply such frameworks that will bring a business project to the level of the TOP-best.
Therefore, IT professionals focus only on popular frameworks that include the ability to perform quality testing (Google environment), provide the ability to track software quality (ISO / CISQ) and open up opportunities for writing open-source codes (AWS platforms).
So, the question of how to measure software quality can be closed if you look at the aspects that you should pay special attention to.


All product quality metrics, including reliability, are very valuable. The bottom line is that thanks to this tool, you can rely on the digital software to function properly, as it was intended from the very beginning, and it will not break, it will not deform, it will not fail. Reliability, in turn, is regulated by 3 points:

  1. MTTF. This is the mean time to failure interval. For example, sometimes you can see how a web application or website takes a very long time to load. So, IT developers have to ensure reliability in this process and make sure that the software works flawlessly.
  2. MTTR. It is about how much time it will take to fix the problem. For example, if there was a failure, then this metric is able to show the specific amount of time that IT specialists will need to restore web development options.
  3. MTBF. It’s about the time it takes to fail. If you add the first two metrics to each other, then you can execute a request by counting time resources – from the moment of the error to the elimination of the error, and calculate how much time was spent in total.

In fact, the quantitative assessment of the events that occur demonstrates the indicators of reliability.

Performance Efficiency

Here we will talk about the reaction of web development. How fast the reaction will be, the processing of options can be carried out to the same extent, how quickly the software is able to respond to any of the actions of users when using a web application or website.
While performance improvement never stops, most software engineers are still obsessed with building a really fast product. To do this, a special Soak Testing is carried out, which can demonstrate the measurement of the time spent on loading web pages or individual web options, display how efficient performance is, in particular, when scaling.


This aspect is undoubtedly considered to be the key one. Each user understands that the security of personal data, personal information, etc. takes precedence over everything. Programmers are aware of this fact too. Therefore, when developing software, pay attention to such points:

  • time indicators for resolving issues related to security breaches;
  • the ability to track the number of hacker and other attacks in order to prevent incidents in the future;
  • implementation of updates that will help security systems to cope with the load in the future and prevent cyber-attacks on the web product.

Code Quality metrics: What Metrics to Choose?

To understand how to measure software quality, you should find out what tools exist for this process. The IT sector never ceases to amaze, so every year new programs, metrics and software appear on the modern market that can improve the quality of any software. IT specialists and software engineers can only improvise and choose the best functions, modules, metrics for work and adapt them to the orders of customers (brands, companies, organizations, concerns and firms, regardless of their direction and type of business).
First of all, it is worth mentioning the types of software quality metrics, which are really important.

Agile metrics

This kind of tool is flexible. It is needed to improve the processes of creating web products. The following indicators are taken into account:

  • Time spent on work. The contracting team takes time to come up with a specific idea, terms of reference, procedure, structure, mechanism and work plan in order to quickly complete a business project with a good result that would attract the attention of the target audience.
  • Time spent on a full cycle of work. Before you release a web product, the team needs to define a cycle. It should start with the creation of software and complete with delivery to the client in finished form.
  • Speed ​​costs. First of all, IT professionals evaluate the time spent on the implementation of all work and each individual stage. Thanks to this, you can structure a clear plan of action and quickly do everything step by step.

Production metrics

All quality metrics should focus on the scope of responsibilities and tasks presented to programmers. On the one hand, IT specialists are obliged to cope with the set tasks from the client as quickly as possible. On the other hand, quality also plays a role. Thus, this tool is needed for:

  • Counting active days to complete an order, including writing code, estimates, creating documents, etc.
  • To understand how much time, it will take to repair and prevent failures in the web development process.
  • Performance accounting (measuring the amount of time it takes to create a web product).
  • In order to understand how much work is generally expected.
  • Outflow of codes.

Security responses metrics

Since security always comes first, software engineers must determine how the finished digital product (website or web application) responds to the installed security system. In fact, this stage is really important, because in the future, the literacy of its installation and implementation in the software determines how easy it will be for hackers to attack users’ personal data, how easily and quickly it will be possible to eliminate the existing threat, and how easily they will be able to learn web developers.

Dependencies age

It is known that any digital application requires updates from time to time. Just like any software is being improved, developed, modernized, it happens in exactly the same way with web products. There really is a dependence of programs on software, because in the IT field everything functions based on innovative features, implemented innovations and new web developments. Therefore, age indicators and timely technology updates need to be monitored and timely produced, as well as implemented updates.

Function-oriented methods

The tool demonstrates the exact number of business options that expert professionals and users, including customers, will be able to get from the created web development. This is exactly the same software quality metrics example, which refers to key quantifiers that can carry out an individual analysis of absolutely all information about software (user inputs, user requests, user reports, absolutely all requests for errors or defects, and much more).

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Defect metrics

The failure rate can really demonstrate how cool and well-made and developed a digital product is. The tool contains:

  • Various stages of the occurrence of malfunctions;
  • A measure of information (in a specific amount) about failures;
  • Temporary resource (which is needed in order to identify and prevent, completely eliminate errors);
  • A chronicle of the density of errors, failures and various defects per line of already written code for a launched and formed digital product.

Pull request

The tool reveals the engagement of the target audience and demonstrates the interaction of the business with its customers. For web developers, this indicator is needed in order to control the quality of individual software indicators:

  • Pull requests (failed text content set).
  • Pull-related requests (that broke the assembling).
  • Requests associated with rejected actions or combined actions (for users with web development).
  • Requests related to pull requests (comments).

If we talk about quantitative indicators, then queries should not take too much or too little time. These figures can only be high due to the fact that IT specialists have created too complex software.

QA metrics

It is known that any software created by programmers must be tested. This is due to the fact that you need to eventually understand how well the software works. Therefore, using the indicator, you can:

  • Identify the main problems requiring testing;
  • Decide on the choice of programmers trained in how to work with metrics;
  • Perform software testing;
  • To carry out calculations on such a fact, how effectively the tools are selected;
  • Take a closer look at whether it is necessary to make changes to the finished software;
  • Improve the points associated with the implementation of changes (if the latter are still needed).

Сustomer satisfaction

The natural goal of every business is to please the client, to please the person, to do everything so that the client becomes a permanent one. That’s why you can’t do without this indicator. It helps development companies in that it demonstrates the level of loyalty of the target audience from those who are satisfied with everything to those people who are not at all satisfied with the services. Knowing such facts and information can significantly improve the performance of user software and make the software function better, faster, more qualitative and without interruptions, as well as attract the attention of new potential customers and satisfy the needs of existing clients.


Modern and technologically advanced, innovative and effective software quality metrics and indicators and their use in the creation and development of any digital products for different types of business is a great opportunity to make work on a project smooth, fast, reliable, as optimized and easy as possible. Therefore, in a situation where you need a perfect, ideal and unique product that will involve a large number of customers, ordering turnkey web development will be the right decision. This will greatly simplify the task for the customer, because professionals will undertake it. In turn, developers will perform services at a high level, because they use only key metrics when working on a project.