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Therefore, it’s not surprising that most companies include the .Net technology into their tech stacks to reach success and usher in digital transformation.

This article aims to help businesses, individuals, and professionals navigate through the global market of .Net developers.

Here, we provide a low down on an average net developer salary according to the geographical factor. Our research covers seven countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, Poland, and Ukraine.

Our research relies on reliable, peer-reviewed resources, such as PayScale, Indeed, Glassdoor, and others

We’ll also flesh out the main factors affecting dot net developer salary and share actionable tips on how to hire the best .Net programmers on the job market. Let’s get into it.

.Net Developer Salaries Across the Globe


The mature IT sector in the US boasts the leading market position with the largest market share of over 40%. A staggering number of 550,000 software agencies tap into the highly educated and skilled US workforce.

Glassdoor PayScale
Average .NET
developer salary
$95,029 $105,000 $71,452
Junior .NET developer salary $64,070 $79,500 $65,405
Middle.NET developer salary $83,121 $93,692 $79,383
Senior .NET developer salary $110,731 $115,000 $101,175

The net developer salary in the US differs noticeably by state, yet topping the list of well-paid markets. Thus, a median junior .NET developer salary equals $64,070-$79,500, whereas middle .net programmers make around $83,121 per year.  At the same time, an average senior net developer salary reaches up to $110,731.

North Carolina
San Jose,
North Carolina
Glassdoor $86,442 $76,042 $98,681 $85,362 $85,256
PayScale $75,150 $84,536 $74,497 $84,536 $85,782
Indeed $109,953 $98,847 $98,664 $98,123 $114,612

According to, a median dot net developer salary is the highest in Seattle, Washington with $114,612 of yearly income. 
Charlotte, North Carolina offers companies a .Net coder talent at $98,123 per year. Texas and California take the middle position and offer a .net programmer salary of $109,953 and $98,664 respectively.

Overall, .net developer salary in the USA is the biggest among all destinations as our research suggests.


Canada is another operating tech hub with multiplying unicorn companies. Canada’s tech sector provides well-compensated jobs, with an average net programmer salary of $64,414.

Glassdoor PayScale
Average .NET
developer salary
$50,453 $71,899 $53,429
Junior .NET developer salary $43,667 $45,196 $48,180
Middle.NET developer salary $60,145 $96,158 $59,648
Senior .NET developer salary $70,326 $82,187 $66,174

If we factor in the seniority level, net beginners are traditionally paid the lowest. Thus, entry level .net developer salary is around $43,667-$48,180, while mid-level specialists can make up to $59,648-$96,158 per year. Canadian senior .net developer salary is unsurprisingly the highest with a yearly remuneration of $82,187.

Glassdoor $51,710 $50,871 $51,269 $51,185 $49,906
PayScale $60,040 $50,474 $61,389 $57,890 $53,159
Indeed $78,582 $61,384 $57,762 $62,100 $66,099

The margin among the cities is notably thin. According to Glassdoor, the dot net developer salary in Vancouver equals $51,269, while Toronto has an established number of $51,710. Montreal and Ottawa didn’t go far with their $49,906 and $50,871 per year.


The Australian tech sector is currently gaining momentum, yet hasn’t embraced its hibernated potential. Its listed tech sector is four times smaller than that of the US, as a share of the total stock market. Nevertheless, the country never ceases to secure well-paid job offers.

Glassdoor Indeed PayScale
Average .NET developer salary $76,802 $90,510 $59,232
Junior .NET developer salary $49,977 $57,772 $54,238
Middle.NET developer salary $62,908 $77,021 $64,080
Senior .NET developer salary $93,084 $100,127 $74,978

An average .net programmer salary in Australia varies from $59,232 to $90,510 for a year’s worth of work. Junior-level specialists put a price tag of $49,977 to $57,772, while middle-level coders usually make $62,908 to $77,021 per year. As for senior .net developer salary, their yearly income reaches $100,127.

Melbourne Sydney Perth Brisbane
Glassdoor $79,494 $77,836 $73,158 $68,244
PayScale $57,408 $61,533 $59,349 $55,563
Indeed $79,995 $90,041 $81,894 $79,849

According to Payscale, Sydney has the most lucrative job market with an average compensation of $61,533. Brisbane, on the contrary, has the lowest net developer salary by country and equals $55,563. Perth and Melbourne have a mid-price remuneration of $73,158 and $79,494 per year.

The UK

UK technology fuels the majority of local sectors and remains resilient through the outbreak of COVID-19. According to Tech Nation’s 2020 report, the UK tech sector has the third-highest amount of VC investment in the world. Hence, the mushroom growth underpins a competitive .net programmer salary.

Glassdoor Indeed PayScale
Average .NET developer salary $50,234 $65,800 $47,311
Junior .NET developer salary $35,940 $37,595 $42,257
Middle.NET developer salary $51,797 $56,863 $55,854
Senior .NET developer salary $68,828 $78,011 $64,709

On average, UK-located .net coders make a high earning of $47,311-$65,800, with an entry level .net developer salary hitting the lowest of $35,940-$42,257 per year. Lead .net engineers charge the highest of $64,709-$78,011, while mid-level net programmers are hired for $51,797-$56,863.

Edinburgh Manchester Birmingham Brighton Bristol & Bath
Glassdoor $48,904 $48,996 $39,030 $47,960 $49,890
PayScale $43,402 $41,094 $36,782 $51,004 $47,924
Indeed $59,620 $71,132 $63,039 $63,352 $61,056

If we examine the local salaries by city, .net programmer salary is almost the same in major tech hubs. In Edinburgh, the income of net developers is similar to that of Manchester – $43,402 and $41,094 respectively. 

The most affordable hiring opportunities are found in Birmingham with a median net developer salary ranging between $36,782 to $63,039. Net specialists in Bristol and Bath charge between $47,924 to $61,056. 

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Over the last few years, the Polish IT industry has graduated to new levels of influence and potential. The local tech market is projected to amount to approximately $12.4 billion by 2021. But despite such a staggering surge, an on-site dot net developer salary is significantly lower than in leading tech destinations.

Glassdoor PayScale
Average .NET developer salary $31,720 $28,292 $23,621
Junior .NET developer salary $12,485 $18,367 $21,484
Middle.NET developer salary $33,950 $28,008 $35,684
Senior .NET developer salary $42,660 $38,502 $41,306

The median remuneration in Poland starts with $23,621 and reaches the maximum of $31,720. The wages vary from $12,485 to $21,484 for junior .net programmers to $38,502-$42,660 for senior-level specialists. An average net developer salary for mid-level specialists is evaluated at $28,008 to $35,684.

Katowice Krakow Warsaw Wroclaw $32,290 $38,747 $46,496 $39.070 $29,203 $36,928 $26,095 $42,218 $35,295 $34,110 $37,844
Glassdoor $24,478 $23,703 $25,669

That being said, Warsaw offers the most high-paid positions with an average yearly payment of $23,703-$46,496. In Krakow, the payment for junior-level net talent starts at $25,669 and reaches $38,747, while Wroclaw is somewhere in between with a median of $25,669-$39,070.


Last but not least is Ukraine with its thriving tech industry and harmonized IT ecosystem. Ukrainian IT exports increased by 20.4% in 2020 and are enhancing their status despite the Corona crisis. Albeit its world-beating performance, Ukraine also offers a skilled net workforce with a pooled expertise at an affordable cost.
Average .NET developer salary $26,400 $48,000
Junior .NET developer salary $21,600 $27,600
Middle.NET developer salary $32,400 $42,000
Senior .NET developer salary $48,000 $66,000

Thus, an average net developer salary is in the span of $26,400-$48,000 per year. As in other locations, an entry level net developer salary is the lowest and varies from $21,600 to $27,600. Middle .net programmers are compensated an average of $32,400-$42,000, while senior-level specialists charge around $48,000-$66,000.

Kyiv Lviv Odesa Kharkiv $29,700 $26,700 $30,000 $26,880 $50,400 $50,400 $51,000 $51,000

In Ukraine, stable demand for net talent is most evident in local tech hubs, including Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, and Kharkiv. In Kyiv, earnings vary from $29,700-$50,400, while Kharkiv offers a high-skilled .net workforce at $26,880-$51,000. Lviv and Odesa demonstrate the same pattern with an average .net programmer salary ranging from $26,700-$51,000.

Other criteria to determine a .NET developer salary

As with other careers, more experience results in higher pay for a net developer. Also, earnings have traditionally been heavily influenced by location, as it is vividly demonstrated by our research.

However, a skillset is also an important differentiator when it comes to hiring a .net coder. A successful and proficient specialist should be well-versed in databases, a couple of coding languages, and .net-friendly systems. Thus, only a good grasp of those will enable a net coder to collaborate with internal teams to design, develop and maintain software.

As data by PayScale suggests, the most sought-after .NET developer skills that boost salaries include:

  • jQuery – feature-rich JavaScript library to build interactive web pages with animations, visual effects, and sophisticated features.
  • Internet Information Server (IIS) – general-purpose webserver to host a web application.
  • ASP.NET Framework – an open-source web framework to produce a modern web app application with dotnet.
  • Microsoft SQL Server – relational database management software to store and retrieve data needed for an application
  • Model-view-controller (MVC) – architectural pattern to develop user interfaces
  • Web Development – the fundamentals of building websites and applications for the internet or private network. 

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The Final Thoughts

The results of our research demonstrate that the US, Canada, and the UK have the highest net coder salary among studied locations. At the same time, Australia has lower rates but is still among the well-paid tech locations. Poland and Ukraine present affordable hiring opportunities with Ukraine offering a huge talent pool and tech expertise. 

Whether you are just getting off the ground or have an existing project, our professional .NET developers are always ready to consult and guide you in the development process.