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One of the most popular among them today is the work of an Angular developer. Its specialists, namely software developers, focus on the Angular platform and use the framework to create single-page applications, the main feature of which is real-time user interaction. The profession is popular with young people because it is distinguished by the possibility of career growth and high wages. Young people learn quickly, easily becoming professionals in their field.

Despite the difference in salary for specialists in companies around the world, it will in any case be high. And yet, consider what salary a specialist working in one of the top professions in the world can receive.

Criteria for assessing the salaries of specialists

The salary of a developer will depend on many factors, including:

  • position;
  • experience;
  • work time;
  • location of the specialist;
  • office or remote work.

Before hiring a new employee in the company, the employer needs to check the knowledge and skills, as well as the experience and portfolio of the applicant. For a developer who is looking for work, in turn, it is important to get acquainted with the budget of the company, the salaries offered by companies in different countries of the world, and check the importance of experts in this field of activity in a particular region.

What Are the Average Angular Developer Salaries Across the Globe?

Here is an Angular developer salary breakdown for 18 countries located in various parts of North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. You’ll find data on the minimum and maximum remuneration for Angular projects that programmers get in these countries based on their experience.

To simplify the comparison, we present all salary data in USD, but you may use the local currency rates indicated in each section to make adjustments for each country.

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. UK
  5. Ireland
  6. Norway
  7. Sweden
  8. Denmark
  9. Switzerland
  10. Germany
  11. Netherlands
  12. Belgium
  13. Ukraine
  14. Poland
  15. Romania
  16. Israel
  17. India
  18. Philippines

According to the research, developers in India and the Philippines get the lowest salariesOn the contrary, coders in Northern America, Australia, Western Europe, and Israel can boast about the highest income. The golden balance between these two extremes is Eastern Europe which includes Ukraine, Poland, and Romania.

Now let’s get into the details.

Angular developer salaries across the globe


Statistics compiled by clearly show that the junior professionals in the US get $114,700 per year for their work, with a $51,9 hourly wage. Experts can expect around $134,200 per year with an average hourly rate of $60,7.

The largest annual salaries and hourly rates are observed in such cities: New York — $169,000 and $80 respectively, Los Angeles — $164,000 and $74,2 respectively, Chicago — an average of $164,000 and $74.


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In Canada, the average salary for an Angular developer is $69,732. At the same time, a junior specialist will get $60,850, and an expert — $79,400. 

The figures vary for different cities. In Toronto, you can expect $71,800 per year and $32,5 per hour. If you get a job in Vancouver, then your salary will amount to around $70,739 per year ($32 per hour). In the capital of Canada, Ottawa, you can earn about $77,109 annually ($35 per hour).


In Australia, an expert earns about $93,000 yearly, a mid-level specialist — $69,233, and a junior one — $49,203.

The UK

The average salary of a junior specialist in the UK is $57,464, reaching as high as $84,569 for a senior-level professional. A medium-skilled specialist earns $66,904 a year.

In London, an Angular developer makes around $80,624 annually and $36,5 per hour. In Glasgow, the average annual salary of such a professional is $61,324, and in Manchester — $66,787.


In Ireland, junior specialists earn an average of $43,900 per year, middle-level developers — $82,900, and experts — $57,428.


The highest annual salary of an Angular developer in Norway is $99,000, the average salary — $75,800, while junior specialists make $58,690.

The hourly rates vary from $26,5 for junior specialists to $34,2 for middle-level ones and $42,2 for senior specialists.


Junior Angular developers in Stockholm earn on average $29,625 a year, middle-level specialists get $63,650, and senior ones — $88,150.


The average annual salary of an Angular developer in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is $67,125 per year for a junior specialist, $88,350 for a middle one, and $105,655 for an expert.

The hourly rates are, respectively, $30,4, $40​, and $47,8.


The salaries of the Swiss developers are among the highest in the world. The annual salary is $65,292 for a junior specialist, $103,350 for a mid-level one, and $127,285 for an expert.


Here, a junior specialist can expect $54,233, and a senior one — $94,067 per year. The annual salaries and hourly rates for different German cities are as follows: in the capital — $76,853 and $34,8 respectively, in Frankfurt — $70,667 and $32, in Munich — $74,933 and $33,9.


Data published by Salary Expert suggests that the average annual salary of a senior developer is $96,750, for a newcomer — $49,050. A middle-level specialist earns $57,700 per year. Hourly, a junior specialist can earn $22, a middle-level one gets $26, and an expert — $44.


In Belgium, a novice employee can expect an annual salary of $43,850, a more experienced developer — $60,450, and a senior one — $83,300.


Ukraine – there are about 25,000 jobs in the country’s reserve. Thanks to the rapid development in the IT sector, Ukraine has already managed to take second place among the countries of Eastern Europe.

Ukrainian specialists in the field of creating interfaces based on the Angular platform are highly qualified. In the ranking of countries by the number of Angular specialists, Ukraine took the 6th place. Of these, more than half, almost 60%, are experts.

As for the annual rate in the country, junior specialists can receive $37,388, middle-level ones — $50,150, and professionals will earn $43,000.


Poland is in the middle of the programmer’s salaries ranking. A novice employee can expect $48,975 a year, a more experienced one — $54,238, while experts earn around $82,113.


Angular developers at a Romanian company can expect from around $29,500 (novices) to $65,613 (experts) a year.

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Israel is in the third place in terms of salaries for Angular front-end developers, as well as specialists in React and Vue.js.

The median annual salary is $79,242, with novices earning around $61,025 and experts — $97,450.


The junior specialist in India on average receives $9,975, the experienced — $13,225, and the senior one — $22,675. Their respective hourly rates are $4,5, $5,9, and $10,2.


In Philippines, specialists with the least experience can expect an average annual salary of $13,350, experts — $29,450.

Are Angular Developers In Demand?

Frameworks like Angular are in high demand due to their MVC structure and DOM ease of use. It is also used by many large companies around the world. The code is more scalable and written many times faster. But to create it, you need qualified specialists who understand the Angular platform.


market demand for developers

Developer Skills Report 2022 by HackerRank shows a big demand for Angular developers, the delta between the percentage of employers who want to hire Angular specialists and those programmers who know this framework.


TIOBE Index for Spring 2022

In the rating of platforms for creating applications, the programming language C took the first place in May 2022. Python was less than 2% behind it. Last year, it took the third place, and gave the second to Java. A year later, it regained its position and became a silver medalist. So, the bronze went to the Java programming language.

Further places in the rating were distributed in descending order between C ++, C#, Visual Basic, and JavaScript.

The leader got 13.38%, and the last place got 2.45% of the votes in the rating table.

The top twenty is followed up by:

Programming Language Ratings Change
Python 12.74% +0.86%
C 11.59% -1.80%
Java 10.99% -0.74%
C++ 8.83% +1.01%
C# 6.39% +1.98%
Visual Basic 5.86% +1.85%
Javascript 2.12% -0.33%
Assembly language 1.92% -0.51%
SQL 1.87% +0.16%
PHP 1.52% -0.34%
Delphi 1.42% +0.22%
Swift 1.23% +0.08%
R 1.22% -0.16%
GO 1.11% -0.11%
Classic Visual Basic 1.03% -0.38%
Objective-C 1.03% +0.24%
Perl 0.99% -0.05%
LUA 0.98% +0,64%
0.86% -0,64%
Matlab 0.82% -0,41%

Experts suggest that Python will come out on top next season. This is due to the fact that Java and C are losing popularity in the field of programming.


popularity of programming languages

PYPL reflects the popularity of a language according to its tutorial search results on Google. JavaScript takes a firm 3rd place in the rank.


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