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Thus, this coding language is enjoying rising popularity in 2022, with over 1,169,000 downloads.

However, it’s not easy to make a strong decision as for a tech stack for your future project. So why use Angular? Today, we’ll address this gnawing question.

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What is Angular, and Why Do We Need It?

Before finding out why Angular is used at all, it’s important to have a closer look at this technology. Angular is an open-source web application framework, maintained by Google and a community of individuals and corporations to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. It is part of a “full-stack” solution – not only does it help with the backend, but Angular helps with frontend development as well.

This JavaScript framework is also known as a go-to option for building single-page applications. However, Angular helps you create a whole range of web applications that are more robust, dynamic, and maintainable.

Besides the rich standard library, Angular comes with a gamut of custom extensions that can be used for different purposes. Thus, the Ionic framework is built on top of Angular.js and makes it easier to write cross-platform mobile apps. Therefore, Angular is not just a framework, but a platform that allows developers to build applications for the web, mobile devices, and desktop.

Now, let’s explore some other solid reasons why to use Angular.

Top 7 Reasons to Use Angular

Angular is often pitted against Vue.js and other competitors. So what makes it special and why angular js is used over other alternatives? Well, there are several good reasons why Angular is a great choice for web developers. We will run through 7 of the most important ones.


Support by Google

Although Google announced the end of long-term support for Angular.js in December 2021, Angular is still being supported by a diverse community and Google team. Thus, the Angular team offers ngUpgrade. The latter is a library that lets you run Angular and AngularJS in the same application, allowing frictionless migration. Backed by the Google team, Angular will continue to get regular updates and grow its ecosystem, which, in turn, leads to peak performance and infallible app experiences.

Declarative UI

Declarative UIs allow developers to describe the desired result without a detailed algorithm for obtaining it. It means that Angular has improved development speed and makes code less verbose and cleaner. Declarative UIs also translate into easier creation and integration of custom UIs.

Code Consistency and Reusability

Consistent code is what sets up your development environment for success. Angular command line interface and documentation style standard are what ensure this success factor. Also, code reusability accelerates time-to-market.

Bug Fixes

Angular gets continuous updates with a strong focus on stability and high performance. For example, the latest version of Angular has compiler support for bug fixes, which helps eliminate defects faster and easier.

Automatic Synchronization

This Angular feature helps eliminate the manual steps needed to synchronize the process. This also translates into time savings and reduces time-to-market.


Angular empowers Progressive Web Applications, which are cost-effective solutions that don’t need many investments. These are websites that act like mobile apps and offer a user-friendly experience.

This framework also serves as a basis for single-page applications or SPAs which allow high loading speed and excellent usability regardless of the type of device.

Modular Structure

The main purpose of modules is to group components and/or services related to each other. It allows for gradual feature deployments and easy test writing. Modules also help build a particular piece of functionality independently from the others.

Why Use Angular in Your Next Project?

As a business owner, it’s important to keep up with the latest technology trends. With so many frameworks out there, it can be hard to decide what’s right for your next project. So what is Angular used for?


Enterprise Web Apps

Angular is more suitable for large projects with a rigid structure. It has quite a lot of out-of-the-box solutions, a more elaborate system of collecting and storing information. This ensures reliable performance and stability, which makes Angular a great option for high-load systems like enterprise-grade solutions.

Apps With Dynamic Content

Angular is a front-end open-source framework for developing web applications, with an extensive community and growing ecosystem. But most importantly, it was initially designed to facilitate the process of developing dynamic web applications. The latter compare favorably with other solutions thanks to personalized user interaction and a more complex UX.

Progressive Web Apps

Angular is also a powerful platform for building progressive web applications. It means that you don’t need to develop native solutions for iOS Android – it’s enough to maintain the website. Thus, Angular combines the flexibility of JavaScript with the user experience of native mobile applications.

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Benefits of Angular

Summing up, Angular is a robust open-source web application framework with unique functionality. Led by Google and by an avid community, Angular empowers developers to build applications across platforms with ease.
This framework is perfectly fit for building SPA thanks to a wide range of built-in templates.

With that said, here’s why we use Angular for web development:

Conclusion: Should You Choose Angular or Not?

The question of whether to use this framework for your next project is completely up to you. We can only say that Angular is widely used for web development, emphasizing code quality and testability. Angular also offers a stable solution for front-end growth and real-time testing.

We, at Devox Software, have adopted the best Angular practices so your web application stays up to the competition and delivers a supreme experience.